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Switzerland or Helvetia is a small, financially strong republic in the heart of Europe. The Alpine country is best known for his impenetrable banking secrecy, and it’s delicious chocolate and mountain cheeses. What many do not know that the topic Escorts Switzerland in Berne, Basel and Zurich is a great point. The escort agency Escorts Switzerland are said to have a truly charming elegance.

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In Switzerland there are four official languages. These are German, French, Italian and Rätoromanian. Naturally speaking, the fabulous high class Escorts Switzerland graces with virtuosic tongue, some of these languages. The model often combines all the benefits of their compatriots. French audacity meets Italian charm - the ladies wear the Escorts Switzerland also openly displayed. The diversity of different peoples is reflected in the popular Swiss cuisine. Thus Impressions from the German, French and northern Italian cuisine are skillfully combined into culinary delights. Even the companions of the HCE Escorts Switzerland like good food.

The most typical Helvetic dishes clearly include hash browns, cheese fondue and raclette. But even in the dessert section, the Swiss Confederation of Escorts Switzerland score with the delicious chocolate nougat "Toblerone". This will taste the sweeties of the Escorts Switzerland especially splendid. Unlike the Austrians, the Swiss have a far better and more successful herb lemonade in their portfolio. The sugar-sweet cold drink "Rivella" is also known in Germany now. If it may be just a little anti-alcoholic drink, the ladies of us them like the odd glass. Much is known but the delicious hot drink "Ovaltine" and belongs therefore under the companions to the popular Swiss exports.

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