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At the Oktoberfest together with High Class Escorts Munich. The City Munich is the jewel of southern Germany. The definite highlight in Munich is the yearly celebrating Oktoberfest. Grab a cute Lady from our Escort Service Munich and take her to the Oktoberfest. With such a hot cutie at your side, youll be the star in your tent. As a good Escort Agency Munich we choose the right service for you.

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Whether you are for business or pleasure in the Bavarian capital – Make it an unforgettable event with escort agency Munich. As a professional service, high class escort service Munich accommodates to you at every aspect of your planning – may it be booking or organization. We facilitate charter flights from every airport of your choice directly to Franz Joseph Strauss airport at Munich and of course we care about your airport pickup by a limousine service. Our ladies, who know the way around the place, inspire you concerning the organization of your days. Every one of our models has her own character – take a look and choose a woman according to your taste. Or  maybe two at one time? Even such things are no problem with high class escort service Munich. What characterizes our models is, beneath a very beautiful appearance, a high degree of intelligence, esprit and sophisticated charm- Is there anything more brilliant than sitting on a Munich roof terrace alongside a candlelight dinner, together with such a beautiful escort lady, looking directly to the charming, majestic alps in the far background? Make your day at Munich a very special event. Our regular customers attest us, the high class escort service Munich, a unique erotic tangle!

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Escorts Munich and Escort Service Munich

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When you visit the beautiful city of High Class Esorts Munich you shouldn't discover the city without a attractive lady from HCE Escorts Munich. We will arrange everything from the booking of her flight, to the hotel reservation.

You need some advices for your free time after a business meeting? Look through our Munich escort guide. It includes all the must sees, hot spots and anything else you may come up with.


Our top 5 hotel advises at Munich

Bayerischer Hof | Promenadeplatz 2–6, Altstadt | Tel: +49 (089) 212 00 |

The hotel Bayerischer Hof has a big tradition. The former bavarian emperor Ludwig I. commissioned it in the beginning of the 19th century. In 1841 the building of the Bayerischer Hof was completed. Since then, several prominent guests have checked in here. And today, the hotel is still owned by the same family. In 1972, the year of the olympic games at Munich, there was a big request of hotel rooms, so the family decided to buy the nearby Palais Montgelas . A real monument of classicism. And of course you won´t find any room but noble suites.

If you´re not a guest of the hotel, you´ll still be welcome in the several bars and restaurants close to the hotel. And by the way, the cinema is included! The lobby area below the great glass dome got the name "Munich´s living room" by the citizens. Falk´s Bar is also located here , the only room that wasn´t damaged during the several air raids in WWII. Last but not least the spa on the roof does it ´s own to make the hotel so special. The view at Munichs skyline is simply wonderful!

Impressions from the luxury hotel Bayerischer Hof, Munich presented by German TV station BR:


Culinaric Munich- Bonne bouche

BOETTNERS RESTAURANT | Pfisterstraße 9 | +49 (0)89/ 22 12 10 |

In 1901 this gourmet-restaurant was owned by Hugo Boettner. Kitchen and furniture convince with tried and true conceptions. Dark and noble wood paneling stand for that sort of elegance, which is closely connnected to the entire atmosphere here. Meanwhile in the fourth generation, the restaurant offers classic cuisine including selected seafood like lobster, crayfish or shrimps. But also rustic style bavarian treats like goose liver and veal tenderloin have their own place on the menu card. The meals are served as a three-course dinner, but also as lunch-menu offers.

Of course, the gastronomers recommend selected vines alongside the dinner.


Munichs nightlife - Our clubbing advices

As a special special experience, you shouldn´t miss the nightlife at Munich. The parties here are famous all over Germany. Especially the P1 is one of the most established clubs of the city. But be aware that there are some hints to make it inside. Accompanied by one of our beautyful escortes Munich ladies, getting in won´t cause any problem. Her presence will impress everyone, even in a city like Munich, spoilt by beauty. And the other gents will take some jealous looks concerning your escortes. Just enjoy it, that´s what you deserve!

Harry Klein | Sonnenstr. 8 | Tel: +4989 4028 7400 |

Harry Klein is something that can be compared to the famous U60 at Frankfurt. It´s a sign for the techno- and house-szene in this honestly speaking - square town. To avoid trouble with the public order office, the club area has been rebuilt on steel springs as a room-in-a-room-construction. This absorbs the acoustic and therefore neighbours enjoy a quiet night. The interior decorators have shown a great passion for details.

Take a look at the big amount of wooden stuff on the walls, toilets are guarded by colourful eagle-eyes. Old Rembrandt-scenes have been tooled with images of techno-idols like Adam Beyer, Tobi Neumann and Karotte. All in all the perfect location to have a good party together with your pretty escortes Munich lady.

Munich by night:


Shopping in Munich

Munich is an expensive affair, but thats pretty good. Visitors like to pay a lot in this luxury-city. So you can get nearly everything in the local stores,from smokings, promcoats to traditional closing such as a bavarian Dirndl or leather trousers. Even noble interior stuff and accessoires like Leonardo crystal glasses, Butlers decoration and Swarovski-chairs are sold here. Shopping is an experience, a mix of tradition and new age.

Luxury articles en masse

When ist comes to getting high quality and most upscaled fashion, a visit to the Maffaystraße in Munich is an absolutely must. Here you´ll find the best fashion and designerstores of the city. Traditional fashion like Dirndl or leather trousers are an important part of bavarian history and they are also a symbol for lifestyle at Munich.

Those who love designerclothes will make a find a few metres away at Theatinerstraße 15. The superlative shopping mall "Fünf Höfe" is located there, a place where ambience is completely perfect. Even if you don´t decide to buy something, a walk through the noble mall may be connected to a nice meal in one the fine restaurants.

Germany´s most expensive shopping mall : Maximilianstraße

On the pavement of wickedly expensive Maximilianstraße, "normal" tourists always run the risk to walk alongside international VIP´s and hollywood stars . Nearly any well known store is located here: May it be Armani, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Cartier, Ralph Lauren or Westwood - Every label can be found. To get the perfect handbag for your pretty escortes Munich lady, we recommend to you the Louis Vuitton store. Fine desgins like Turenne MM, Montebello MM or Speedy 30 are sold here.

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Youll find some of the most attractive service in the database of the exclusive HCE High Class Escorts Munich. We just mentioned the casual qualities of the service of our Escort service Munich. But we know that our Ladies are able to hold the candle to you even when its about intellect and cleverness. This quality of service is guaranteed by the HCE Escort Agency Munich.

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It begins with the selection of our escort ladies: We have a strict assortment, to meet even the highest expectations of our clients. The beautiful models of escort agency Munich are not just some optical rarities, they convince and impress through their own, specific and individual character, that's because our different clients like different characters and expect different appearances concerning their escort ladies. Last but not least there´s only the best just for you !

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