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Where is the G-spot? What is a tantra massage? What is BDSM? These questions and more are answered in our sex encyclopedia. From A to Z you will learn almost everything about sex, eroticism and forbidden things.

Erotic Abbreviations

a2m, ATM = “ass to mouth”
A-level = Synonym for ass level
AC/DC = Synonym for: Bisexual
AR = “anal rimming” tongue to ass
ATF = “all time favorite”
B&D = “bondage & discipline”
Barracuda = synonym for a woman with only finanial interests
BB = “bareback/barebacking” – Sex without condom (often combined with other abbreviations)
BBW = “big beautiful woman” or
“big breasted woman”
BD, BDG = “bondage” –  can also mean “blind date” – first date with a unknown person
BJ = “blow job” – sucking and licking a mens dick
BLS = “ball licking and sucking”
BT = “ball torture”
BTBM = “body to body massage”
C = “covered” – Sex with condom (often combined with other abbreviations)
CAT = “coital alignment technique” – sexual technique
CBT = “cock ball torture”
CD = “crossdresser” – wearing of counter gender fashion
CFNM, CMNF = “Clothed female/man, naked man/female”
CIM = “cum in mouth”
CMT = “certified massage therapist”
COB = “cum on Body”
COF = “cum on face”
CP = “creampie” – synonym for: sperm runs out of vagina or ass
C6, CS = “cybersex” – virtual sex
CT = “”cock torture”
DATY = “dining at the Y” – synonym for vaginal licking
DDE = “doesn´t do extras” – no extras offered
DDG =” drop dead gorgeous”
DFK =” deep french kissing”
DIY = “do it yourself”
DP = “double penetration”
DQ = “drag queen” – man in women clothes
DS = “doggy style” – sex like dogs
DT = “deep throat” – Penis is put deep down the throat
ESP = “extra service provider”
FA = “fat admirer” – admirer of fat bodies
ff = “female female” –
FIV = “finger in vagina”
FOV = “finger outside vagina”
French = oral sex
French without = oral sex without condom
FS = “full service” – or “face sitting” – woman sits on her boyfriends face
GF6, GFS = “girlfriend sex”
Greek = Griechisch – anal penetration
GILF = “granny I’d Like to fuck”
GND = “girl next door”
GS = “golden shower” – synonym for sex games with urine
GSM = “g-spot massage”
HJ, HR = “hand Job” or “hand release”
K9, K-9 = “canine” – synonym for role play game like dogs
LK = “light kissing” – synonym for kissing without tounges
mff = “male female female”
MILF = “mom i´d like to fuck” –  means hot ladies starting from the age of 30
MP, MR, MSOG = “multiple pops, multiple releases, multiple shots on goal”
ONS = “one night stand”
OWO = “oral without”
P4P = “pay for play” – pay for sex
PIV = “penis in vagina”
POZ = synonym for beeing HIV positive
PS = private show
rimming = tounge into ass
RLD = “red light district”
ROB = “rip off bitch”- woman that takes advantages for sex s.a. Barracuda
Roman shower =  games with puke
SB = “snowballing” – synonym for giving sperm from mouth to mouth
SOMF = “sit on my face –  s.a. FS – Facesitting
SP = “service provider” – love servant
STD = “sexually transmitted disease”
STI = “sexually transmitted infections”
SW = “swallowing” – or “streetwalker”
TG = “transgender” – live out sexual fantasies beyond biological
TGTBT = “too good to be true”
TT = “tit torture” – or “tit trimming” – breast massage with nipping
WS = “water sports” – synonym for pee games
XL = “extra large” – means penis, breasts or belly
XXL = “extra extra large” – means penis, breasts or belly

Letters A – C

Most men like it: Anal sex or like insiders say anal coitus.

During anal sex, the man puts his erect penis into the anus of his sexual partner. This can be very pleasurable for both men and women. What many do not know that women can certainly reach orgasms through anal intercourse. However the man should not focus exclusively on the ass, many women like it if both the G-spot and clitoris are stimulated. Try it, you will be surprised how much your partner will like it.

Contrary to vaginal intercourse  you must obey some things. For the penetration into the anus, you should definitely use lube. Meanwhile several anal lubes are available. But normal lube will serve its purpose as well. You have to be patient, it takes some time till the the penis can go deep into your partners ass. In addition, the woman should be very relaxed. So you both take your time, because anal sex is not to be compared with vaginal sex.

Letters J – L


Everyone has heard of it and movies tell the tale: women bleed when they have sexual intercourse for the first time. But this is a myth. Actually less than 50 percent of women have their hymen torn when first having sex.

The term “hymen” derives from the Greek word for membrane. Maidenhead is another word for it. The hymen is counted among the female sexual organs, but it does not have any biological function. It is situated at the vagina’s opening and separates its fornix from the external genitalia.

The hymen does not look the same in every women. Generally speaking, there are four types: the crescent, the sieve, the ring and the cross. Meanwhile it is possible to restore the hymen once it was torn. This is called hymenorrhaphy or hymenoplasty. The surgery is favored by women who would like to restore their “virginity” before their marriage.

Kama Sutra

Variety and passion – that’s what the ancient Kama Sutra, originating from the North of India, promises. 250 years AD the mythic book, which describes various sexual positions, was composed. Seven books in total describe and illustrate exotic positions and fancy practices. To make you experience even more erotic and passion with your Escortservice model, we will explain the two most popular positions.

The so-called “Double-decker” has the man lying on his back while the woman is lying upon him. Her legs are angled and her feet are positioned on his knees, while she is supporting herself with her elbows. This position enables him to support her at her waist and penetrate her with soft moves.

When doing the “Lotus Flower”, the man sits cross legged while the woman sits down on his penis with her legs wide open. The man takes the passive part, the woman determines the rhythm. The lotus flower is one of the most popular positions of Kama Sutra and particularly passionate and satisfying.


Ben Wa balls


Besides the dildo, Ben Wa balls are among the most popular sex toys. Also known as Burmese bells, rin-no-tama, venus balls, geisha balls or orgasm balls, these toys originate in Japan, where they were and still are being used not only in special occasions, but also in every day life. There are as many varieties concerning form, color and material as there are with dildos.

The three most popular variants are Ben Wa balls, Rinnotama balls and anal balls.

Ben Wa balls are of small size and not connected to each other by string. Usually they are made of precious material, such as glass or jade.

Rinnotama means “melodic ball” and it helps the woman increasing the strength of her pelvic floor. Using them regularly, the pelvic floor muscles improve in tightness within a short period of time. A strong and tight pelvic floor can almost be seen as a guaranty for orgasms. These type consists of two hollow balls from different sizes, connected by a string. The balls are being inserted into the vagina and provide pleasant vibrations inside the body which improve the pelvis floor muscles and may increase sexual desire.

Anal balls, also called anal chains, usually consist of several small balls which are connected to one piece. This makes it easy to insert them into the anus of men or women. Anal balls often are being removed slowly during the orgasm in order to make the climax last longer.

Letters M – O


Missionary position


The most classic sex position is the missionary position, in which the woman is lying down with her legs spread widely, the man is upon her. This position requires the man to be active. He is in control and can determine rhythm and the depth of the penetration. The only active movement the women can perform is moving her pelvis to the rhythm, in order to stimulate the clitoris or she can place her legs on the man’s back. While there is no guarantee for an orgasm in this position, it has some clear advantages: the partners can look into each other’s eyes, kiss each other, caress each other and therefore feel an intimate closeness to one another.

However, in many peoples view, the missionary position is monotonous and boring and therefore called conventional sex or vanilla sex. With some simple alterations, it may yet become more exiting. Simply alter the penetration angle of the penis by putting a cushion under the woman’s derrière. This variation makes his pubic bone rub against her clitoris and he can penetrate her deeper while additionally stimulating her g-spot. If you like to try – your Escort lady will surely reach an ecstatic state and reach her climax easier.



Sixty-nine (69)

A very popular oral practice and a passionate foreplay is the sixty-nine position, as cunnilingus and fellatio are performed simultaneously. Both partners stimulate each-other at the same time with their mouths. In sixty-nine position, man and woman lie on top of each other or on the side. The man’s mouth is positioned at the woman’s vagina, the woman’s mouth at the man’s penis. This is the perfect position to caress each other with lips and tongue in the body’s most sensible places. For even more lust and passion the fingers can also come into play. Let your fantasy run wild and enjoy the sixty-nine position with your Escort model, either as a seductive foreplay or as the passionate final, in which both reach their climax at the same time.

The sixty-nine position has both, advantages and disadvantages. Some love this position as they can caress each other simultaneously. Others prefer being concentrated on the partner’s pleasure only while performing cunnilingus or fellatio, so that they can devote themselves to one hundred percent to the joys of oral sex.


One Night Stand

The One Night stand is the promise of an unrestrained rush of lust and the ultimate kick when it comes to sex. Many describe it as exciting, always new and not foreseeable! And it is getting more and more popular. Almost 50 percent of the young folks aged 34 and younger have already experienced it. At the age of 35 to 44 it is actually more than 60 percent. The term derives from the English language, meaning “one-time performance”, abbreviated to “ONS” in lonely heart ads and web portals.

A One Night Stand describes a short sexual contact, which only last one night but maybe even a little longer. One thing is always clear-cut when having a One-Night-Stand: none of the players plans on having any longer lasting emotional involvement. It’s all about sex. It’s all about exciting sex with a stranger or a person known only since a few hours. Moral concerns are out of place. The One Night Stand is all about the magic of the moment, the mind steps back while erotic feelings take the reign.

Letters P – R



Especially among men, pornography is very popular. Porn, short for pornography, refers to the display of sexual intercourse between two or even more persons, or one person alone. Porn can be presented in movies, pictures, texts or audio tapes. Regardless which medium is used, the aim of porn is to sexually arouse its audience. It’s often used for couples as a foreplay in order to get in the right erotic mood or to freshen up their sex life.

There are two types of porn movies. Soft porn, also known as erotic movies or sex movies, usually has a more or less sophisticated storyline. There is no erect penis or open vagina on display. Mostly, the age rating is 16 and they can be broadcasted on television.

Hardcore porn shows sexual activity without any taboos. Oral sex, vaginal or anal intercourse in various positions is being performed, often with close-ups of the genitals.  There is no sophisticated storyline at all, usually the sexual performance starts without major dialogues. In former times, such hardcore movies were only available in video rental shops. Today, in the time of the Internet, there are countless porn websites on which a broad selection of porn is available even for free.


Spontaneous, short and good. That’s what the perfect quickie should be like. A quickie is spontaneous sexual intercourse without foreplay. Sex in extraordinary places, such as in the car, elevator, on the kitchen table, stairway or in the changing room, is popular when having a quickie. This fast-sex variant usually only takes a few minutes and the danger of being caught from others is an additional feature, which is the special attraction. So it’s not necessarily kissing, foreplay and maybe even an after play. The quickie requires both players to be in the mood for it – here and now. Both partners should be open-minded for this – and tell the other one directly that they are in the mood for fast sex.

A quickie should not be mixed up with the One Night Stand. The One Night Stand always assumes that both partners do not plan to have emotional involvement, whereas the quickie is often performed by couples in a relationship.


Riding position or Woman-on-top


In this position, the woman is in total control oft he man and can act out her dominance. No wonder that this position is one of the most popular ones.  The man is lying on his back and the woman is sitting on top of him, legs widely spread. Thus, she is in riding position, just like a cowgirl. Alternatively, she can bend over her upper body, so that she covers the man beneath her.

In this position, the woman is in total control. She controls the rhythm as well as angle and depth of penetration of the penis. A particular advantage of this position is that the penis can penetrate the vagina very deep. Furthermore, this position puts stress on the frontal area of the vagina, where the g-spot is located. So the riding position is especially suitable to stimulate the g-spot with the man’s penis and therefore trigger a vaginal orgasm. Additionally, the man’s hands are free, so he can caress her breasts or clitoris during the sexual act.

Letters S – U


A quite more special sexual practice is the sadomasochism. Domination, humiliation and pain plays a major role here. These things are used as parts of sexual power to increase the pleasure. One speaks of sadism when a person (for example, a dominatrix) lets another person (their slaves) suffer and feels pleasure doing it. On the other hand, one sees it as masochism, this concerns the slaves, who gets aroused by the humiliation during the role-play. Through this interaction, both people can experience their pleasure and are thus satisfied. If you would like to receive this experience, book one of our special high class escort mistresses.

Sadomasochism is nowadays widely used in many scenes and there are now a number of terms and expressions: sadomasochism (SM short) is the composition of “Sadism and Masochism” and means dominance and submission. Often the term BDSM is used, standing for the english words “Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, Sadism and Masochism.”In addition, we hear often, the terms leathersex or kinky sex for sadomasochism.


The Tantra philosophy is almost 2000 years old and comes from India. Tantra combines sexuality and spirituality. In Tantra erotic is consciously enjoyed and celebrated: the body is seen as the temple of devinity and the sex is seen as something sacred. Particularly well-known and popular is the tantra massage, which is used for relaxation, sensuality and to increase the desire. Unlike a traditional massage, the Tantra massage also includes particularly intimate places. No part of the body is omitted and thus may also include penis and vagina to enjoy this sensual touches. This is intended to release pleasure and healing powers. You can also learn the techniques of Tantra in massage courses, to perform them in your living room. Nowadays there are many Tantric schools which offer workshops for couples and singles.

An important part of the Tantric teachings are the so-called 5M: These stand for madya (wine), mamsa (meat), matsya (fish), mudra (cereals) and maithuna (sex). The Maithuna is the ritualized sexual act, this is practiced after a special cleaning and meditation.


The sexual preference or sexual game with the urine is called “Uropholie”, “Pissing”, “Golden Shower”, “Water Sports” or mostly even pee (abbreviated NS). In this case, the smell of urine, urinating itself or the drinking of urine is felt as sexually stimulating. Sexual Games with pee, are practiced by both men and women.
As with many other sexual preferences also, it almost seems that the Pissing constitutes its charm by the moral prohibition. The social acceptance of this particular practice is very low, many like it, but only a few aren’t afraid to speak about it.

Pee preferences are mostly lived out in pairs, either on command or surprisingly. Often the man urinates on the woman, at this moment it means for both an experience in which all boundaries are swept aside. In the case of the woman, this can also be interpreted as humiliation. Similar to experiences in sadomasochism,
man and woman receive sexual pleasure through this humiliation. But also in the reverse role the Pissing is exercised. The control of the excretions of the partner are for many people a very special and intimate experience.

Letters V – Z



In contrast to exhibitionism stands voyeurism. The term refers to the secretly observation of a person or a sexual act. Voyeurism is a form of sexuality, in which, by the pure viewing one’s own desire is awakened. Mostly observers masturbate during the action or afterwards, when he recalls the seen. The term “Voyeurism” comes from french: “Voir” stands for the word “see “Voyeur” for the visioner. Often voyeurs are seen as pervert watchers. If voyeurism is no longer practiced in secret then it is called “Candaulism”. In this sexual practice, everyone involved in it, knows about it and agrees. “Candaulism” is found for example in “Swinger” clubs or in threesomes instead.

The pleasure of watching is now often applied. Striptease, peep shows and porn movies also serve the pleasure in watching sexual activities. Also at High class escort service we offer voyeurism and candaulism. Many of our models love to offer men a tingling erotic show, whether alone or in a duo with another lady.


Female effusions

Squirting, this is the term for the female ejaculate during the orgasm. But not every woman can produce it. Various interviews have shown that only half of the Ladies have ever ejaculated, or have the ability to do so. Back in the 60s it was even assumied that the percentage lies below five percent. Squirting comes from the English: the term”squirt” means to “splash” or “sprinkle”.

In strong contrast to the men, the female squirting is not part of every orgasm, it is something very rare and many women will never be able to ever have this experience. It comes to squirting in form that around the urethra proteinaceous secretion is rejected during the female orgasm through the urethra. It is neither urine nor vaginal fluid, which is produced during the sexual arousal and orgasm. But what does it dependent on if women ejaculate? And is it actually important that it happens? For one, it is related to the size and position of the glands and on the other with the strength of the pelvic floor muscle. However, much more important it is that the sex is exciting and fun. And we should certainly not make it depend on of a few drops from the vagina.

Zircumcision (Circumcision)

Nowadays around one-third of men worldwide are circumcised. The male circumcision is mostly performed for cultural or religious reasons. Only a few men do so for medical or hygienic reasons. The operation can be performed with local anesthesia, but also in general anesthesia. Talking about male circumcision, the foreskin -the movable flap of skin surrounding the acorn- is either partially or completely removed. After circumcision there should be no advantages or disadvantages in terms of sex. Surveys have shown that neither men nor women feel more or less desire.