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High Class Escorts Zurich – delicate experiences

Every city has its best side like the High Class  Escorts Zurich

The most beautiful lake of Zurich town High Class Escorts Zurich is not only known for their high quality of life and amazing views. Other hallmarks of the Swiss city are its award-winning pastry shops. The traditional chocolate experts are firm with the economic miracle it. Among the internationally known brands is the Cafe Felix. Under the management of the family business Teuscher Café creates annually ambitious chocolate creations. On a first date with the High Class Escorts Zurich should you buy as gifts necessarily some chocolate creations. Incidentally, Teuscher is also regarded as conceiver and creator of champagne truffles. The Coffee Shop Schober offers in the picturesque town on his impressive scene set in patisserie. Immerse yourself in the enchanting atmosphere of the café, because here are the clocks stopped beating. This is the perfect atmosphere for you and your High Class  Escorts Zurich lady.

The export of the seaside town is the famous film and television shop “Sprüngli”. For nearly 200 years this family stands for quality, innovation and tradition. Exactly these values ​​are also available for the High Class Escorts Zurich.

How “Sprüngli” started his conquest around the world

The history books can be found around the year 1836, the first mention of the company. Sun David Sprüngli founded his first shop right on the Market Street of the Escorts Zurich. Sprungli, a clever entrepreneurs thinking one step further. In 1859 he raises some groups of buildings on Zurich’s Paradeplatz – At that time, an area with few visitors and tourists. In mind, he hoped that the new station there, the escort agency Zurich is built. Unfortunately that was not the case. Was not really a problem as the parade ground was road in the world, combined with the parallel to renowned Bahnhofstrasse shopping. The foundation for the conquest of the world was laid. David Sprüngli can pat himself on the shoulder – The High Class Escorts Zurich too.

From Local Hero to global player

In a few decades, from the family-run, small confectionery in the old town of High Class Escorts Zurich the company became a global company with over 1000 employees. Even 200 years later, a fact has not changed: Good chocolate is packaged by hand. And so the Sprüngli own creations are to be sold in twenty shops and stores. This success story finds also the  High Class Escorts Zurich absolutely remarkable. Today, the family of David Sprüngli grandnephew is headed by the sixth generation. Among the most popular delicacies include “Luxemburgerli”. These are very delicate macaroons, which are filled with a fine cream.

By now you have become an export hit for High Class Escorts Zurich. By the way, the success story of the macaroons back to a Luxembourg intern. He took the basic recipe from his native country. With his master Richard Sprüngli, he improved the macaroons. Today there are nearly 40 different variations of it. Every month is a new addition to the collection of macaroon High class Escorts Zurich.

The main store is located on the main street 21. There you can even taste the chocolates produced according to traditional recipes. Bon appetit! You’re .