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There is no better starting point for a journey of discovery through the metropolis on the Rhine as the old city. Here is the historic core, this includes among others, the Basilica of St. Lambert in the 13th Century, which is an important part of the panoramic picture of Escort Service Dusseldorf. Art lovers will have here in the old city revels: The art collection of North Rhine Westphalia, the Museum Kunst Palast and the Film Museum and the German Rhine Opera, and not least the Schauspielhaus are just a few of the highlights.
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Continue along the Rhine promenade. If you are lucky and the sun is shining, the stroll just there like a vacation in the south, where you can be perfectly unwind. Locals refer to this as the best part of the boardwalk throughout the Rhine. Countless bars and cafes dominate the banks of the Rhine and maybe you and your beautiful Escort Service Dusseldorf Lady irritates so, hold off for a while and over a coffee or a drink of their choice after watching the passing of the Rhine steamers.
From the Rhine promenade there are then only a few more steps up to the media harbor. Formed during the transformation of the old river Rhine many international renowned architects have designed and hand created a vivid modern overall look. The ideal contrast to the historic district. As modern shows within walking distance of the State Parliament of North Rhine Westphalia. Adjacent you can now raise their height compatible with the lady High Class Escorts Dusseldorf in the air: It is always worthwhile to boot the elevator on the television tower, where an impressive 360 ​​degree panorama can be admired. See how the Rhine meanders into the horizon! Not only at sunset certainly one of the highlights.
To conclude the day, offers a revisit of the old town, which is now showing her quaint face: Also known as the longest bar in the world, line the more than 260 bars and pubs each flavor together, followed by a repertoire of international gastronomy. Hard there to make a choice, but a real Escort Service Dusseldorf Lady will surely help them here and bring them an unforgettable evening.