The true character of a high class escort Cologne

The true character of the High class escorts Cologne


The attraction of  VIP escorts Cologne

Someone asked our escort agency Cologne HCE why Cologne has such a thriving escort industry. Well, we thought a blog about the fascination of high class escort girls in Cologne was due. The sheer number and quality of the escorts in the city is remarkable – that’s why we explicitly select only the best. Any well-heeled gentleman traveling the world in search of beautiful women will inevitably direct his search to Cologne. This fact is indeed well established when looking at the comparative number of agencies offering escort service Cologne in different countries; Cologne is one of the wealthiest cities with a large number of escort girls. __________________________________

From the ever-growing financial industry to the Escortagency Cologne with HCE

The high class Cologne escort industry is thriving due to a variety of factors that we are happy to point out to you. One factor is the large number of affluent business clients from all over the world in the city itself. Cologne is a major financial city with the world’s largest center for foreign exchange trading and more international financial companies than anywhere else. High class escorts from around the world can see the remarkable longevity that defines Cologne’s role in the global financial industry. Business delegates fly to Cologne and its environs every day and they have no qualms about hiring a superior escort service cologne. The city’s status as a major financial center isn’t going to change any time soon, and with that fact comes an influx of high-quality Cologne escorts available to the business clientele.


Influx of high class escorts from Europe and other countries

Another factor is the easy access to Cologne for escorts who are citizens of all European EU members. This increase in the number of escorts in Cologne is really affecting Cologne escort agencies, who have to adjust the published prices of their escorts to match the competition. But not us as the leading VIP Escorts in Cologne. We offer you the best service, the best escort girls and still the same standard! It can be said that the microeconomic theories of competition are evident in the greater choice of services and variety of VIP escorts Cologne that potential clients can avail. To thrive in such a competitive escort industry, High Class Cologne escorts must offer an exceptional standard of companionship that sets them apart from the rest. Wealthy Cologne clients have no problem paying higher published prices if that matches the elite escort service they are receiving. For this reason, as a High Class Escort HCE escort agency, we only recruit the most elite Cologne escorts for an escort experience in order to justify the premium fees. We have beautiful, high quality Cologne escorts of all nationalities, with looks to appeal to every discerning taste, and escort services for every situation.


How we stand out as a high class escort Cologne

High quality Cologne escorts are always advertised on the internet and another factor that contributes to the thriving Cologne escort industry is the trustworthiness of the escorts’ profiles. Review sites like Captain 69 and TER and several directories like Worldwide Escort Guide prohibit false profiles or feedback, allowing the client to read real reviews of high class escorts in London. Maybe it’s the German way of doing business, but as a reputable VIP escort Cologne, we wouldn’t risk losing clients for short-term gains. Expensive mistakes are made by clients who book escorts through some unscrupulous agencies abroad who do not allow their escort reviews to be published. HCE High Class Escorts Cologne keeps receiving inquiries from international clients about elite escorts in Cologne, knowing that our Cologne agency uses real photos and offers a tailor-made introduction service for their needs. Being a reputable escort agency in Cologne means not offending our customers’ intelligence with bait and inability and respecting our customers’ privacy at all times.


Because we, as an escort agency in Cologne, value trust

The future of Highclass Cologne Escorts is very optimistic when we consider Cologne’s continued importance in the global financial world, the relaxation of German immigration laws for citizens from other EU countries and the high standards to which reputable Cologne escort agencies hold themselves. Elite Cologne escorts continue to be recruited by Cologne escort agencies with integrity and the result is exceptional Cologne escorts well represented to a growing clientele.


Ask our High Class Escort Dusseldorf: The best perfumes for escorts

Ask our High Class Escort Dusseldorf


The best gifts for a true VIP Escort in Dusseldorf

The history of perfumes goes back thousands of years. Fragrances evoke precious memories, they inspire and seduce, and the ingredients themselves are coveted by aromatherapists.

Today, perfumes are worn as weapons of seduction, as a signature of one’s style, or to complement a certain mood. The sense of smell is one of the most important and our high class escorts from Dusseldorf use it to their advantage, because what is more erotic than smelling good? They capture moods with their scents and beautify yours with them.

We asked our Dusseldorf escorts about their favorite perfumes and why they wear them with their escorts:


The favorite of Escort Emma from Dusseldorf:
Maison Francis Kurkdjian – Rouge540

This is one of the most charming perfume bottles on the market. The bottle’s red flacon is both sensual and magical – I imagine I’m Snow White when I spray myself with Maison Francis. I was told that this is an oriental fragrance and yes it is just overwhelming in the spicy notes. The first impression is like being smothered by musk, and then it settles into a soft jasmine.

My guests are men who appreciate a spirited and well-dressed woman. Maison Francis goes with every outfit, whether for a party or a dinner. I am always praised by women and men for my style and my scent. My perfume not only rounds off the outfit, but can be too strong for some customers. I spritz lightly in my hair before going to a booking, it works beautifully, it’s neither too little nor too much.


The favorite of Escort Stefanie from Cologne:
Initio – Privés Black Gold

As a high-class escort, I have to embody sexiness and elegance. Initio’s Black Gold is the most elegant fragrance to project this image and it smells so incredibly modern yet intriguing. An eye-catcher in the truest sense of the word when I want a customer to remember me. The perfume smells like tonka bean, that idea alone is incredible and men are supposed to like sweet gourmand scents. It makes a strong impression because not everyone wears it and it’s incredibly exclusive. It’s the little black dress, kind of a perfume for the evening and brings out the Aphrodite in me.


The favorite of Escort Katja from Berlin:
The House of Oud – Eau de Parfum

Ah, the pink bottle of oud erotica! I’m a young escort and I’m always afraid of the granny medicinal perfumes that everyone raves about – but which are just typical. What is important to me is that I feel safe wearing it, that it suits my personality and that my customers are not offended by the scent because it is too penetrating. The House of Oud is a really sexy young fragrance that conjures up the image of a playful teenage girl on her first date. It’s deep and has that soft woody note to it. It also lets my clients guess what scent I’m wearing because not many escorts I know wear my favorite scent.


The favorite of Escort Hanna from Munich:
Guerlain L’art & La Matière – Angélique Noire

My favorite perfume is one of the least known that actually exists. One of my favorite customers gave me this and it was pure eroticism. Hard to imagine if you don’t know this fragrance. It’s a sophisticated herbal scent that’s simply delicious. I smell like a Turkist Delight, a perfect high-end escort, it has a nostalgic feel and is unlike any other rose scent in the shops. People ask if I use a botanical rose soap or shampoo when wearing this because the smell is so different from the artificial yet very harsh perfumes around me.


The favorite of Escort Maria from Dusseldorf:
Kilian – Don’t be shy

The name of this Kilian perfume suits me – I am an epic high class escort Dusseldorf who is going on an epic journey in life. Whenever I see the exquisite Kilian flacons, they conjure up a smile on my face and my heart soars. The fragrance and the bottle are exotic: smoky rose with a touch of oud. It’s mysterious, sexy and always gets me compliments no matter where I am. My customers are thrilled when they spot it on my neck or gently on my underwear. I have light eyes and light hair, so wearing this perfume makes me feel like a real princess.


The favorite of Escort Julia from Frankfurt:
Xerjoff – V

This is a classic rose that smells like an escort and is one of the most elegant scents I have ever smelled. I can pick up the patchouli with my nose, but it’s not the hard patchouli variety you get in the 70’s. This version is so much more elegant and almost aristocratic when it comes to keeping admirers at bay. It is an eye-catcher with a guarantee and seal and makes me stand out very elegantly and looks as the perfect VIP Escortgirl.


The favorite of Escort Francesca from Frankfurt and Cologne:
Tom Ford – Beauty Soleil Brúlant

I’m an elite escort, which means I escort wealthy men to some of the most chic places in the world. This is the only perfume I can think of that smells as chic as the places I visit – and that means something. It’s as bright and cool as the brilliant Baccarat crystals. This perfume smells like money and good breeding – my guests know what I’m talking about! Pure eroticism! Femme fatal!


The favorite of Escort Sophie from Berlin:
Dior – Ambre Nuit

Ambre Nuit is a really strong perfume that makes an impression when I wear it. Normally a unisex perfume, it smells like something very special on my skin. Eroticism. It is undoubtedly something for an extroverted woman as there is nothing shy about it and it doesn’t want to reflect that. I get a lot of second looks when I wear this perfume. The jasmine flower makes this perfume strong in a good way. I’m also sometimes loud, so it suits me and my special personality well. I wear this to pass bookings and my regular customers even know me from afar. A statement perfume straight out of a picture book.


The favorite of Escort Nadine from Dusseldorf:
Chanel – Gabrielle

This is a really sophisticated and warm fragrance that surprises my customers. When I was a little girl, my mother wore a perfume that smelled like leather and was very luxurious. Gabrielle is sweet yet sensual – it’s an elegant mix of both. I get lots of compliments when I wear it. I feel like the perfect High-Class Escort from Dusseldorf with it.


The favorite of Escort Laura from Dusseldorf:
Roja – A Goodnight Kiss

Raja is a very sexy and chic fragrance for the evening. It may be one of the most expensive perfumes I know, but I adore it and my guests swear by it. This makes me the perfect escort girl from Dusseldorf. I swear by putting men on their knees and my clients compliment me a lot on it. It is a fragrance for grown women, not for immature girls. These exclusive notes announce I’m here and they stay on my skin. I love it!!


The favorite of Escort Christina from Antwerp:
Coco Chanel – Mademoiselle Intense

This is a beautiful and soft fragrance that I wear on all my bookings (unless the client insists on not using perfume). For me, Chanel means elegance and luxury, which is fully expressed in this perfume – it is simply amazing and one of the best fragrances by Coco Chanel. My customers tell me that I smell natural and beautiful, almost pleasant, but it’s my secret that I also use this perfume naked. Exactly the right perfume for a high-end escort like me.


The favorite of Escort Nicole from Cologne:
Dior – J’adore

Musk and rose are my favorite scents in this world and they are combined in this luxurious perfume. I have always worn Narciso Rodriguez and have most of their fragrances. What distinguishes Dior, however, is the delicate musk. It is a very feminine and delicate fragrance that is quickly absorbed and not forgotten. It reminds me of fresh meadows full of flowers in spring. I use it as a daytime scent and also as a skin scent in, let’s call it, more intimate settings.


The favorite of Escort Luise from Dusseldorf:
Bond No.9 – Feminine Touch

This is an iconic Bond creation and one that I just wear all the time. It’s a truly sophisticated fragrance for a passionate, luxurious woman. There are notes of dark chocolate which is delicious and just the right amount of sweetness but not only is it sweet it has a strong background. Whenever I wear it with a cocktail dress, I feel desirable! With this perfume I always get the attention I want – everywhere. I am just the perfect High Class Escort from Dusseldorf with it.


The favorite of Escort Helen from Berlin:
Creed – Aventus for her

Rose and Oud are two of my favorite scents in the world. How could I ever resist the Creed perfume? I wear it to work and also to relax after a long day. It’s a great calming scent that I spritz on my wrists and hair. I used to work in the Middle East and have a collection of oud perfumes, some of which are now a bit too strong for my nose. I feel so glamorous when I’m dressed and smelling like this Aventus – my clients love how well I design and the perfume seals the deal.


The favorite of escort Joanna from Dusseldorf:
Armani – Privé Rouge Malachite

I am absolutely amazed at how beautiful the bottle looks. Armani Prive is a collection that is so luxurious and each one has a different character and I am particularly drawn to the Malachite. Rouge Malachite is my favorite because of the creamy tuberose. I smell like a perfect high class escort Dusseldorf. It is sensual and elegant without being overbearing, which is absolutely important for my work and for me privately. This is how I imagine a duchess smelling like lounging on her sunny balcony.


The favorite of Escort Tanja from Frankfurt:
Chloé – Atelier des Fleurs

I have French roots, so Chloé is a brand that’s in my blood. It can be said that Atelier des Fleur makes interesting perfumes that leave people guessing. Although this perfume has been around for years, no one suspects that I’m wearing it. It turns into a musky lemon sherbert on my skin and my clients literally feel like they eat it up! They find me particularly alluring when I’m mesmerized with a spritz of this scent.


The favorite of escort Lea from Cologne:
Lancóme – Oud Bouquet

This is the most ladylike perfume I own and perfect for meeting clients. Lancóme is subtle and elegant with a clean after effect. I combine it with a simple, chic blouse or a summer dress. You can’t go wrong with this erotic perfume, especially if you have VIP clients.


10 things that high class escorts would never ever do Part II

10 things that high class escorts would never do Part II

Continuing to our first part on “Things High Class Escorts Would Never Do”


6. VIP escorts will absolutely never rush the bridge to their escort agency

Real high class escorts Dusseldorf understand that customer loyalty is the basis of their business. They also maintain good relationships within their escort agency so that they don’t sabotage their own earning potential.

Ultimately, the escort industry thrives on relationships and reputation.

What kind of escort girls Dusseldorf will build bridges to clients and other people in the industry? Only escorts who are looking for quick money and don’t care about the long term. These escort models create a bad reputation for themselves, so they have to become self-employed. They have a high churn rate and other VIP escorts are not willing to work with them. If an escort mentions that she doesn’t get along with other escorts or only sees new clients, then she is not a real high class escort and far from a real HCE escort.

A VIP escort always has regular customers. She comes highly and consistently recommended by people who work with her and are interested in building their reputation.


7. Our escorts will never flaunt their rum

It is a fact that elite escorts will make quite a bit of money during their escorting career. However, if she is the stylish kind of courtesan, she would never dream of flaunting it. She is confident and grateful for the money our guests give her; she does not need to boast about it for self-affirmation.

The ability to make big bucks is enough validation.

There is a certain elegance to the way a real high-class escort talks about money. They never point out the expensive clothes they wear or talk about their exclusive membership at the best gym in town. Real elegance shows who knows what is proper.

VIP Escort girls never allow themselves to be defined by their designer labels in order to make themselves superior to other people. Instead, they are grateful to be able to afford a luxurious and great lifestyle. If they are smart, they will also invest part of their wealth in assets that will make their retirement profitable, as will our escort girls Dusseldorf from HCE.

When it comes to money, high-class escort girls are also private and never reveal how much they earn and what their customers pay them, because as you know: You don’t talk about money. People can only speculate how much money she makes and indulges in her lifestyle. However, high end escorts tend to be reserved in their looks. You won’t be driving a Ferrari or wearing designer clothes with big labels, obviously. They prefer much simpler sophistication. Even though her clients are the nouveau riche, she chooses tasteful jewelry, lingerie and fashion styles to complement the affluent lifestyle and feel comfortable.

Escort is an industry that seems obsessed with money, but the issue of money and the transactional nature of bookings are never thrown in the client’s face. Dealing with money subtly and not obsessing over it makes our high-class escort girls elegant. Money screams, but wealth whispers. Their affluent clientele also admires the attitude of the HCE escorts and convinces them to stay exactly the way they are.


8. High class escorts will never tolerate bad behavior from the client

No matter how much a client pays for their time, a VIP escort will not give them the green light to misbehave. She does not tolerate rudeness, forceful behavior, aggression and abuse, even in the smallest ways. She knows her worth is more than the fee he pays and will live up to it.

An HCE escort can get out of a difficult situation at any time, even if the customer has already paid.

This is because a high class escort understands that she has no obligation to be mistreated!

Escorts who put up with disrespectful client behavior are not VIPs; they are desperate for money or have low self-esteem. They think that enabling customers will get them approval – on the contrary, it’s the opposite. These are the women that abusive clients target because they know that a high class escort of higher value will never put up with it.

An HCE Escorts Dusseldorf is a companion of great value – she offers first-class service to clients who value her. A client will always treat a high end escort with respect because she respects herself first.


9. HCE escorts will never get out of control

To be high-end, an escort requires discipline and the ability to say no to things that derail her. She shows restraint and knows how to behave appropriately at all times.

Again, context is key; A high class escort knows when to let go of control and become uninhibited to please her client and when not.

Escorts who do not belong to the elite do not know exactly this difference. This is the main difference.

An escort girl who does not belong to the HCE escort agency Dusseldorf will get out of control with her behavior, maybe she will engage in risky actions that will profoundly undermine her service.

Emotions are the main cause of getting “out of control”. It can be repressed emotions or an inability to process them in a healthy way. Escorts who are emotionally out of control don’t deal with it in a healthy way; they harm themselves and others who come into contact with them. Because of this, runaway escorts have a hard time retaining clients and their services are always inconsistent.


10. VIP escorts from HCE escort agency never waste time with negative attitudes

An HCE escort will never make negative comments about other people.

A real high class escort will not let a bad attitude / negativity rule their life.

A high-end escort will not tell you that you are “too positive”.

HCE courtesans understand that negative attitudes only drain her precious energy, energy that she can use to improve her own beingve sn energstand timu arepr cocesgy that she can use twskin ano kear customers">Tavoidat negative attitud,at a high class escort wilw makt ud grateful for thd waystheey and ow to and grateful fow that she haalac neaid.

It ih this positiy, energy thag customery fina vere a Deali. C customeru arflamboyegantenle who would never waste their tirt onisomfounife.


10 things that high class escorts would never ever II

10 things that high class escorts would never II

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