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Every year the open-air event “Klassik am Odeonsplatz takes place in Munich. On July 11 and 12 the world stars of classical music come here. The beautiful place is then sonicated of the Munich Philharmonic and the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra. Enjoy this top event in a charming ladies accompaniment.
The event celebrated its premiere exactly 15 years ago, at that time. Even as Millenium Concert for Franco-German reconciliation Meanwhile recorded the huge event up to 16,000 visitors annually and has become an integral part of Munich’s cultural program.

The crossings of munich

In addition to art and culture Munich has of course a lot more to offer. Of course, the world-famous festival: the Oktoberfest. But until then there’s still some time. Today we introduce you first time before the annual highlights of Munich. If you want to go with your supermodel to get lost, you should start in the heart of the city. A wonderful place for this is the Marienplatz. There is on the fifth floor of a beautiful house, the Cafe Glockenspiel, from which you and your lady have a wonderful view over the Marienplatz square, the statue of Mary and the fish fountain. Hearty and typical Bavarian dishes you can also find the same: pretzels and white sausages are of course on the menu. After lunch there is only a small walk to the nicest attractions. In the immediate vicinity and within walking distance you will also find the Jewish Museum, the Schrannenhalle, the cult bar burner and the English Garden. The English Garden is a largest city parks in the world. Here you can share with their accompaniment unwind and relax after a great day in the metropolis of Munich.

An italian restaurant with class

Take your dream girl from the escort service Munich to probably the best Italians from Germany. The gourmet restaurant Acquarello the interior is lugubrious. Huge paintings decorate the walls, a design award chef Mario Gamba will not get. But here it’s all about the flavor. And when it comes to michelin star awarded cooking the chef is truly a consummate professional. In Acquarello you and your lady accompaniement received as an aperitif a Prosecco with raspberry essence. This makes a splash in the beautiful evening and all subsequent courses. To such an evening in the gourmet restaurant Acquarello can be quite long, where guests receive even a dessert. So a dessert before the dessert actually. And for every dish you get of course the perfect wine from the nice service. We promise you: This true gourmet fans will definitely get their money.

A luxury hotel with french style

Pure luxury the Sofitel Hotel Munich promises you and your high-class escort Lady. The historical building is equipped with modern interior design. The rooms and suites are elegantly furnished and technically at the highest level. HCE recommends one of the Prestige Suites. In the exceptional wellness area, you can relax together with your escort model and leave your worries behind. We wish you a wonderful stay in one of the best luxury hotels in Munich.

Shopping, dining and linger

This can be done best in the shopping center in the east of Munich Neuperlach. Find you and your Escort Service Munich Lady 125 shops on three floors. Wishes to stay here certainly are to be expected. In the huge shopping centers all well-known fashion labels, jewelry, cosmetics, electronics, books, shoes and gifts for their loved ones are at home. Let your top model from Munich give your her shopping advice.

The top ten sights of Munich at a glance

  1. Nymphenburg Palace – located in western Munich
  2. Marienplatz – center of Munich pedestrian
  3. Hofbräuhaus – World-renowned beer palace is located in the old town
  4. Neuschwanstein Castle – was built for the Bavarian King Ludwig II
  5. Allianz Arena – The gigantic football stadium can accommodate 75,000 visitors
  6. Viktualienmarkt – open since 1807.
  7. BMW Museum – Learn all about the history of the automobile manufacturer
  8. Hofgarten – park in the Baroque style
  9. Linderhof Palace – was built in 1870-1886
  10. Royal Square – located in the district Maxvorstadt
  11. Königsplatz – located in the district Maxvorstadt

High Class Escorts Munich at the City Foundation Festival 2013

Happy Birthday High Class Escorts Munich! On 15 and June 16, 2013, the town on the Isar celebrates its 855th Birthday. The organizers expect an amount of 450,000 visitors coming to the traditional founding of the city festival 2013. Perhaps it will also be a few more. When the weather patron plays along – hopefully with fantastic summer weather like last year. In all pedestrian areas around the Marienplatz, there is again a lot of entertainment for you and your high class escorts Munich lady. Music, dance, sports, culinary treats and play facilities for children awaiting the visitor.

In the heart of the action of the Marienplatz in Munich Escort Service

The Munich meeting at the Town Foundation Festival then traditionally the beer garden at the Marienplatz. Incidentally, the perfect place for a date with a lady from HCE Escort Service Munich. Who wants to continue on the historic rail, visits the craft market at the Odeon Square. In traditional clothing the artisans potter there their exhibition exhibits.
But also everyday use things can be found at the city’s founding Festival Munich 2013. So shows the craft market all kinds of decorative home. One or the other decoration inspiration will surely find your ladies there. Certainly an escort service Munich lady.

Duo without handicap: the BMW International Open and the high class escorts munich lady

Of 18 June to 23 June is the International Golf prominence again the honor. On the course of the Golfclub Munich Eichenried golf professionals play for the title at the BMW International Open -as a occasion for the anniversary of the club. Also the tournament winner in 2008, Martin Kaymer, packed putter & Co to play- to come back for the German golf elite. At the Green also on one or the other high class escorts Munich lady will be .

Our recommendation for the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Munich

If you stay longer in Munich and need an exclusive night, we would like to recommend the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Munich to heart. This luxury hotel is located in a quiet side street and harmoniously combines comfort, style and luxury. Some of the city’s sights are in the immediate vicinity. You can look forward to great food and an uncompromising service. Book the Mandarin Oriental hotel for a night with your high class escorts Munich lady. You will be amazed.

With Escort Munich in the most popular city in Bavaria

When you visit the state capital in the heart of Bavaria, there is very much to do, because this city is as diverse as also the Escort Service Munich. But what shall we just start? What are the most beautiful sights? What are the best restaurants? And where are the hot clubs? These and other questions answers Escorts Munich then. Several times a year we make them together a list of the best of the capital. We hope you enjoy exploring, of course, accompanied by your escorts Munich lady.
Explore High Class Escort Munich Isar
This time we start with a special highlight, the river that flows directly through the capital. Here you can relax especially nice for couples. Unfortunately, there are no restaurants here, so they start their trip but with the shopping in the supermarket, buy a some tasty treats and a good bottle of wine. Your Escort Service Munich lady can definitely delight you with a small picnic. Right on the river you can lay down on the grass, enjoying the sun, watching the people and eat the treats brought. Our special tip is the point at the Reichenbach bridge, there’s a couple really nice.
After relaxation you can still enjoy some culture
When visiting the Bavarian National Museum you can admire in accompaniment with her cute Munich Escort Lady the art and culture of two millennia. There are many varied exhibitions can be visited. Finally, the museum is one of the largest in Europe. In the exhibition rooms, the fine arts and the cultural history is issued. But not only the Bavarian art and history can be admired here in trade shows can also collections of porcelain, musical instruments, goldsmith, weapons and much more here examine from all over Europe. Therefore, the Bavarian National Museum is also recommended by the Escort Service Munich.
The evening activities with the escorts Munich lady
Towards the evening of the last visit of a single street, the Leopold street! It is the center of the former artists’ quarter. On the mile-long street tümmeln nearly fifty locations. Surely here is something for every taste. The chairs and tables in front of the cafes, it is not easy to get hold of a good place, because especially in the summer you go to see and be seen out here. Those who do so, may be looking for the best place and lets the day, recommended by Escort Service Munich notching.

With escorts Munich between Oktoberfest and Stachus

Speaks an Italian of  “Monaco,” he means simply, the home town of escorts Munich and not about the retreat of the upper crust at the Cote d’Azur. We want you to show that you are a customer with the sleek Bavarian capital city served really good! For not without reason was 2012 in terms of visitors the tenth record year in a row: a guest count of 6.1 million alone in hotels here can certainly open to any questions. Well, the Oktoberfest is certainly is reason alone for the many visitors and also the neat old stones in the city attract visitors with the latest digital cameras to armed Japanese tourists in droves. But you as a visitor and customer of Escort Service Munich are fare apart from the crowd, as the selected beauties who accompany you during their stay in the city make you feel happy.
With this framework, all measured on their individual needs, it is not far away at a perfect time in Escorts Munich! Munich is an important location for business and it would not be surprising if you are looking for a business traveler for a suitable accompaniment. The ladies of the Escort Service Munich are doing their demands more than justice. Your escort with the stunning look of white Also discreetly hold back, but when talking with their good education stand out quite well. In the planning of the day are no limits to the customer’s requirements .. Because everyone else is known forged. The escort service Munich Lady them not only in the hotel room the evening, and sweeten the night, but turn out to also be the best companions on a trip through the city. Maybe you are interested in culture? Perfect, you take your pretty accompaniement by the hand, walk through the Marienplatz and then up at the old Peter, where you may enjoy in good weather, a spectacular view. Especially now, at the beginning of spring, the chances of that are actually not that bad!
Experience Escort service Munich from all possible sides: Classic with a visit to the beer garden, the stroll on the routes to where the heat is on, or a visit to the Hofbräuhaus. The Top Models of the High Class Escorts Munich are skilled in their city and support you not only to the magnificent sights .. They also appreciate the peace and quiet and so you need to wonder not at all, if you are then in the evening take you to the best places in town …

Discover the Pearl of the South with the Escort Service Munich

Granted, the Bavarian capital is a luxurious pavement – But that’s what makes its charm.  Escort Service Munich Style, elegance, typical Bavarian way of life and not least the proximity to the Alps make it an exclusive destination for the discerning minds among us. The beautiful Old Town, the upscale atmosphere while shopping and also events such as the annual Oktoberfest are here real visitor magnet. But even the most beautiful city is without the appropriate accompaniment only half as nice. The attractive escorts of High Class  Escorts  Munich offer with their confident appearance and their charming way, they anticipate your every wish of his lips, the perfect setting for an unforgettable stay. Be inspired simply by the following impressions …
Urban living center and heart of the city is the Marienplatz.  If you are lucky and the weather cooperates, you should there necessarily the Old Peter:. There, not only provides a perfect view of the old, but in good weather over the Alps and Lake Constance Take their beautiful accompaniment of the Escort Service  Munich just by the hand and enjoy the beautiful view. Marienplatz is also stop by U / S train, come awarded to the next one to do their sightseeing. Incidentally, it is also very entertaining to watch the astonished Japanese tourists, the carillon at City Hall acknowledged with a long-drawn “Oh.” Also worth a look is the famous Frauenkirche, which is with its two onion domes as the symbol of the homeland of the escort agency in Munich. Looking at the beautiful building you will understand why it can be seen on almost every postcard of the city. Another solid institution is the Hofbrauhaus, that’s why you should not hesitate to examine it from the inside. You will discover typical Bavarian style with an international flair. Find out whether you always full in the “glut” with charming escort lady Munich a stir, or better yet want to live in a quiet corner of an intense conversation in private from High Class Escorts Munich
Continue to Stachus, the bustling square in the center of Munich’s most popular meeting place and, therefore, very much in advance the warning: It could be full. Nevertheless, a well-kept shopping you will certainly not with her beauty from Escort Service Munich want to miss! They also come with U and S Bahn well served, because here all paths cross again, or rails Escort Service Munich.
If you are a night owl, you will also be spoiled for choice. Firstly, because the world-famous Oktoberfest would mention: Every September it comes to the Theresienwiese at the Olympic Park and manufactures high Escort Munich Lady is in a dirndl certainly make a powerful impression not only on you. But even without the Oktoberfest you can still one of the hottest and most elite party paving the Republic unsafe! Just as a rule of thumb to remember: Without the perfect accompaniment with the Escort Service Munich is also the best nightlife only half as nice …

High Class Escorts Service Munich

Degeneration, shopping and a lot of green – Overview of a day in Munich with High Class Escort Service

The city on the beautiful Isar is ubiquitous throughout the world. Munich stands for passion, lifestyle needed for a moment in the “green lung” of Munich. If you are a visitor in the Bavarian capital, and have only a little time, then you should at least look at the most prestigious landmarks. We reach a small outline what you are absolutely at your visit to the High Class Escort Munich should not let slip away. You should be aware that no other German city league as many contrasts as Escort in Munich. Gray asphalt meets green retreats, classical on trend, tradition on foresight. Although Munich is famous for the estimated Oktoberfest in the world, there are known to see a lot more than just dirndls and beer mugs.

Pulse and heartbeat of High Class Escorts Munich

Turning and heart of Munich’s Marienplatz. At the center of High Class Escort Service Munich located, housed the town hall with the evocative glockenspiel. Last year the city hall celebrated its 100th birthday. If you listen to the wind chimes, you have every day at 11, 12 and 17 clock the chance. In turn in the middle of Marienplatz is a Marian column. Here already the pontiff held its ordinations. The fish is well for you as Escort Service Munich visitors of course exciting. All both sites are great as a gathering place for a rendezvous.
For the shopping freaks among you the Marienplatz is the ideal starting point. From here you can go in any dimension. No matter which way you go, you are no ifs and buts to make transactions. Most often it is worth the pedestrian zone along the Kaufingerstraße. She leads from Marienplatz to Karlsplatz. Take your HCE Escort Model Munich with you, but with virtually.

Surfers Paradise on High Class Escorts Munich

Through the middle of the English Garden flows Eisbach. By the way: the English Garden is the largest of  Munich. Maybe you know the river and its “standing wave” already seen on TV. On the shaft, it can be relatively easy to surf. In the immediate vicinity is the home of the Arts, one of the most renowned museums in the cradle of the Escort Service Munich. If we can give you a suggestion: Let’s home the surfboard and just consider the various pros when surfing. Following is also worth a stroll through the English Garden, which is pronounced exceptionally beautiful.

The Cologne Cathedral from High Class Escorts Munich Frauenkirche

What is the cathedral of Cologne, for High Class Escort Service  Munich Frauenkirche. In the late Gothic church is a simple brick building. In the Catholic Church will find more than 20,000 people. As expected, standing, we do not talk of a stadium here. This figure is massively formidable when one keeps in mind that when the church was built only 14,000 people lived in the Escort Service Munich. Around, lovers of homemade food at your expense. The Bavarian taverns invite you to knuckle, knuckle and splinters. Cheers meal!

Escort Service Munich – pulse of southern Germany

Decadence, shopping and a lot of green – Summary of a tag Escort Service Munich
The city on the beautiful Isar on the world wide well known. Escort Service Munich  represents decadence, lifestyle needed for a moment in the “green lung” of Munich. If you are a guest in the Bavarian capital, and have just a little bit of time, you should at least look at the major sights. We reach a small list you with your Autenthalt the Escort Service Munich  absolutely should not let them escape. You should be aware that any other German metropolis allied as many contrasts as  in Munich. Gray asphalt meets green retreats, classical to tend to practice perspective. Although the Bavarian capital in the world is widely known for the popular Oktoberfest, there are known a lot more to see than just dirndls and beer mugs.

Pulse and lifeblood of Escort Service Munich.

Turning and heart of Munich’s Marienplatz. Located in the center of  Escort Service Munich , has housed the town hall with the evocative glockenspiel. Last year the city hall celebrated its 100th Purzeltag. If you listen to the wind chimes, you have every day at 11, 12 and 17 clock that opportunity. In turn in the middle of Marienplatz is a Marian column. Here even the Pope has held its worship services. The fish is well for you as  Service Munich visitors of course exciting. Both sites are blatantly as a meeting point for a rendezvous.
For the shopping freaks among you the Marienplatz is the perfect starting point. From here you can go in any dimension. No matter which way you go, you will meet uncompromising shops. Most worth the pedestrian zone along the Kaufingerstraße. She leads from Marienplatz to Karlsplatz. Take your lady from the Escort Service Munich  but with immediately.

Surfers Paradise of Escort Service Munich

Flows through the middle of the English Garden of Rein. By the way: the English Garden is the most enormous of Escort Service Munich . Maybe you know the river and its “standing wave” already seen on TV. On the shaft, it can be reasonably good surfing. In the immediate vicinity of the house craftsmanship, one of the most prestigious museums is the home of the Escort Service Munich. If we can give you a piece of advice: Leave the surfboard at home and just look the other professionals for surfing. Following is also worth a stroll through the English Garden, which is really very aesthetic.

The Cathedral from Escort Service Munich  Frauenkirche

What is the cathedral of Cologne, for Escort Munich Frauenkirche. In the late Gothic house of worship is a simple brick building. In the Catholic Church will find more than 20,000 people. Of course, standing up, we are not talking here of a stadium. This number is extremely impressive when one keeps in mind that the church was built as only 14,000 people lived in the Service Munich. Fans come around full of homemade food at your expense. The Bavarian taverns invite you to knuckle, knuckle and schnitzel. Cheers meal!

Escort service Munich at Oktoberfest Munich

Only a few weeks until the next Oktoberfest in Munich with escort service Munich.
Year after year it says in the middle of September: O’zapft is. The traditional Munich Oktoberfest folk festival attracts millions of visitors. The Oktoberfest, like the boys and girls of the escort service Munich call it. In 2011 was the record-breaking limit of seven million visitors. During Oktoberfest, almost everything revolves around one thing: Around the beer. Just for the Oktoberfest, the six Munich breweries brew a special Oktoberfest Märzen, which provides, with its high alcohol content of between six and seven per cent for ordinary rotations. The pivotal point of all activity on the Wiesn hometown of escort service Munich are the tents. This year there will be fourteen large tents and several small to medium sized tents. Since the choice is already difficult sometimes. The delicatessen Kaefer tent is one of the most popular tents of the folk festival. However, her only the rich and famous meet. Escort models munich, Celebrities from film and television, musicians, athletes – they all celebrate together in the VIP section. This is ideal for your high class escort model Munich. Already, one can follow the development and preparation for the Oktoberfest by livecam. Meanwhile, it looks in the marquees already out quite comfortably. The seating, ie benches and tables are still missing, but here and there can be seen a little Oktoberfest decoration. Everywhere outside and inside is hammered hard, drilled, screwed and otherwise worked like. Everything just so you and your companions the HCE escort service Munich can have a good time at the biggest festival in the world. Here we give you a few tips on the way. Here are some highlights of our recommendations:

Escort model in Munich at escort service Munich

Escort model in Munich at escort service Munich

Escort service Munich at Hippodrome

Hippodrome, the meeting place for young and beautiful people and the escort service Munich. Among the handsome and beautiful visitors, but especially among the younger the champagne bar inside the Hippodrome is very popular. Here one would like to see and be seen. The high class escort models Munich throw themselves in hot Read the rest of this entry »

Escort service Munich at DTM

Escort service Munich at DTM. Hot curves, narrow lanes and crackling tension – the DTM and the Escort service Munich. What you have is the people of Munich have that counts the city’s most beautiful and cleanest in the entire Federal Republic of Germany. Visitors speak of it again, but pretty well from the high-class Escorts Munich. But number two flagship of Bavaria is Munich’s BMW. Like the Escort service Munich it is one of the most prestigious of its kind. Of course, the Munich people are incredibly proud of it and devote their steel and chrome-DTM cars an exhibition. The BMW Museum shows from 19 August 14 exclusive cars from 50 years of motor sports shows. Such hot curves also got the ladies of the Escort service Munich. In addition, all the DTM races at the museum will be broadcast live and uncut. Be it with your own personal pit-bitch right and live performances. Simply book discreet with our friendly agent from the HCE Escort service Munich shortly before you come.

Escort service Munich Shadowland

Escort service Munich at Shadowland. Experience the play of shadows in the capital with the Bavarian Escort service Munich Softly, Softly. Now, remember, near Munich, but not always think the same only white meat, wheat and Oktoberfest. Well, the Munich are a very unique little people – apart from the courteous ladies of the Escort service Munich. But in terms of culture, the Bavarians could already get so many international high-calibers to their home. With the Pilobus Dance Theater and the program “Shadowland” comes a great vaudeville act in the Prince Regent Theater. The shadow tricks astound quite possibly the high-class escort Munich women. Created only with their bodies, the life-like shadow puppets, the actors play their daring drive behind the screen. Figure and figure chases end result visually stunning and grandiose scenery. This makes it possible to flay Escort service Munich ladies with impression. Enriched with a spherical soundtrack and masterful play of light, “Shadowland” results in an impressive stage show. Why not book the tickets directly through the HCE Escort service Munich. Surely you will not forget this evening – let the shadows play ..

Escorts Munich summer is there

The sun is shining at Escorts Munich, the flowers are blooming and there is a crackle in the air – its summer! The mild temperatures in these days even make a morning hating person a real early riser. Because of this nice weather it’s no wonder so many people want to be out there in their home garden, the park or their favorite beer garden. Spring offers a variety of outdoor activities that were denied to Escorts Munich in the winter months. Not for nothing is said of the summer, it’s the “time of change”. Also, you probably already feel the butterflies in your stomach. Not infrequently, cheatings and escapades start during this period. Biologically speaking, you have even an excuse for cheating, because of your hormones, you can not do anything. Why do not you start your adventure with a spring weekend with a jovial escorts Germany lady from the experts at Escorts Munich? In particular, the southern German city of Bavaria on the Isar, Munich is known for its fabulous Spring Awakening and summer. Here or in any other city to have fun is not hard. The list of activities is long. A visit with Escorts Munich to the English garden, surf the standing wave with an glamorous babe on your board or to a lake where you can find a quiet spot away from the other sun worshipers. Your strong partner for this project: Escorts Munich. Read the rest of this entry »