When you visit the state capital in the heart of Bavaria, there is very much to do, because this city is as diverse as also the Escort Service Munich. But what shall we just start? What are the most beautiful sights? What are the best restaurants? And where are the hot clubs? These and other questions answers Escorts Munich then. Several times a year we make them together a list of the best of the capital. We hope you enjoy exploring, of course, accompanied by your escorts Munich lady.
Explore High Class Escort Munich Isar
This time we start with a special highlight, the river that flows directly through the capital. Here you can relax especially nice for couples. Unfortunately, there are no restaurants here, so they start their trip but with the shopping in the supermarket, buy a some tasty treats and a good bottle of wine. Your Escort Service Munich lady can definitely delight you with a small picnic. Right on the river you can lay down on the grass, enjoying the sun, watching the people and eat the treats brought. Our special tip is the point at the Reichenbach bridge, there’s a couple really nice.
After relaxation you can still enjoy some culture
When visiting the Bavarian National Museum you can admire in accompaniment with her cute Munich Escort Lady the art and culture of two millennia. There are many varied exhibitions can be visited. Finally, the museum is one of the largest in Europe. In the exhibition rooms, the fine arts and the cultural history is issued. But not only the Bavarian art and history can be admired here in trade shows can also collections of porcelain, musical instruments, goldsmith, weapons and much more here examine from all over Europe. Therefore, the Bavarian National Museum is also recommended by the Escort Service Munich.
The evening activities with the escorts Munich lady
Towards the evening of the last visit of a single street, the Leopold street! It is the center of the former artists’ quarter. On the mile-long street tümmeln nearly fifty locations. Surely here is something for every taste. The chairs and tables in front of the cafes, it is not easy to get hold of a good place, because especially in the summer you go to see and be seen out here. Those who do so, may be looking for the best place and lets the day, recommended by Escort Service Munich notching.