Only a few weeks until the next Oktoberfest in Munich with escort service Munich.
Year after year it says in the middle of September: O’zapft is. The traditional Munich Oktoberfest folk festival attracts millions of visitors. The Oktoberfest, like the boys and girls of the escort service Munich call it. In 2011 was the record-breaking limit of seven million visitors. During Oktoberfest, almost everything revolves around one thing: Around the beer. Just for the Oktoberfest, the six Munich breweries brew a special Oktoberfest Märzen, which provides, with its high alcohol content of between six and seven per cent for ordinary rotations. The pivotal point of all activity on the Wiesn hometown of escort service Munich are the tents. This year there will be fourteen large tents and several small to medium sized tents. Since the choice is already difficult sometimes. The delicatessen Kaefer tent is one of the most popular tents of the folk festival. However, her only the rich and famous meet. Escort models munich, Celebrities from film and television, musicians, athletes – they all celebrate together in the VIP section. This is ideal for your high class escort model Munich. Already, one can follow the development and preparation for the Oktoberfest by livecam. Meanwhile, it looks in the marquees already out quite comfortably. The seating, ie benches and tables are still missing, but here and there can be seen a little Oktoberfest decoration. Everywhere outside and inside is hammered hard, drilled, screwed and otherwise worked like. Everything just so you and your companions the HCE escort service Munich can have a good time at the biggest festival in the world. Here we give you a few tips on the way. Here are some highlights of our recommendations:

Escort model in Munich at escort service Munich

Escort model in Munich at escort service Munich

Escort service Munich at Hippodrome

Hippodrome, the meeting place for young and beautiful people and the escort service Munich. Among the handsome and beautiful visitors, but especially among the younger the champagne bar inside the Hippodrome is very popular. Here one would like to see and be seen. The high class escort models Munich throw themselves in hot costumes just for this location. So, they make guaranteed a good figure next to you and let the other men go green with envy. Of course, the coolness factor of the Hippodrome gets around even among the celebrities. So also the autograph hunters get their money. But the mid-sized tent is full points even away from the glamor and glitter. HCE escort service Munich swears by the culinary delights of this marquee. Let yourself be pampered by a Bavarian specialty.

In the Hofbrau tent with the escort service Munich

The Hofbräu tent is the mobile version of the Hofbräuhaus in the city. But like its big brother, also the Hofbrau tent tidy impresses and is an absolute crowd puller. Again, do not go as a client of the escort service Munich without a short visit it over. The chiefs of the tent, are the festival hosts Margot and Günter Steinberg. The two experienced restaurateurs know as easily as they can make their guests happy. From 12 clock is the HCE escort service Munich celebrated strong and swaying. They sparkle steins together neatly. Especially the English-speaking visitors from America, England and Australia feel at home here. The music and the escort models Munich here are of course traditional Bavarian. So at the Oktoberfesst crowd. Gladly the escort service Munich helps you with seat reservations.