10 things that high class escorts would never do

You are a man used to the finest things in life, including beautiful women. From your experience you know that in life you get what you pay for. And when it comes to high class escorts in particular, you want value for money, which means you’re getting the best for the absolute best price!

For you, high-end is not a word that is used haphazardly.

They really expect the best of the best when it comes to high class escort girls.

So, how to tell which escort service is high-end? Surprisingly, although VIP escorts come at a hefty price tag, it’s not always determined by price.

Here are the things that high-class escorts will really never do.


1. High class escorts never have to pretend to be high end

It’s easy to spot a fake “high class” escort girl from a mile away. They are rude, rude, and overly self-absorbed. They may wear the most expensive jewelry and expensive Louboutin heels, but their manners don’t match their looks. You know that expression, all fur coats and no underwear?

High class escort is an attitude. So if an escort has bad manners or doesn’t know what etiquette means, her looks mean nothing. She may look and dress like a celebrity, but her services are not elitist.

An analogy would be checking into a hotel with the whole facade of opulence and luxury; Your service is rude, the hygiene standards questionable and suddenly your bill would be twice as high. This is never a pleasant experience and should be prevented.

When an escort lady is truly elite, she is self-confident, immaculately brought up and keeps her promise of VIP escort service. She doesn’t have to pretend, because her actions absolutely and always speak for themselves. She shows refined grace and elegant charm.


2. Elite escorts are never desperate for clients

An escort desperate for guests is not high end; she is willing to risk her health and safety to do things that endanger herself and possibly others.

A real escort lady will take the time to check her customers because she cares about her own well-being/interests of her customers and will therefore hire the appropriate agency accordingly. She doesn’t open her door to everyone, she is a true courtesan. What message does it send to the client when an escort will agree to any price (no matter how small) and service (no matter how unwanted) in order to make money? She’s obviously not in demand, appreciated, or has any healthy self-esteem. All of these factors result in low service.

A real HCE high class escort will never beg clients for bookings, use coercion or other sneaky tactics to get money. You really must be wondering what kind of escort service you are using when they behave like this!


3. High class escorts never get distracted when she is with a client

Does your escort keep checking her watch during a booking and doesn’t even try to be discreet about it?

Does your escort scroll through her social media feeds or sit bored on her cell phone during dinner or intimate moments with you?

Does your escort seem fixated on her phone?

Unfortunately, I have to tell you that she does not offer a high-end escort.

Many clients feel intimidated or flattered in the presence of a beautiful girl, but if she is not focused on you, you are not getting good value for your money. She just disregards your time and asks for money in return.

We live in a world where we are constantly distracted by external stimuli and technology; this does not absolve us of good manners, such as listening to others and paying attention, things that should in fact be taken for granted. Really VIP escorts would put down their phones when they are together. After all, they are paid for providing an attentive and perfect service, not for connecting with hundreds of other people at the same time!


4. True elite escorts would never be obsessed with the sound of their own voice

The hallmark of a truly elite escort service is feeling noticed.

Sometimes this is the main reason for men seeking high class escort services; to connect with another and stranger without judgement.

An escort who talks about her client or monopolizes the conversation is not only rude, she is not a VIP service provider.

There is a joke that men would pay their wives to just shut up and complain for 24 hours, sorry!

An escort who talks too much either doesn’t understand social cues or is overly obsessed with her own views. You could also see it as unnecessary.

A true elite service provider would listen, know when to speak, and allow their client to join the conversation. She understands that this is an art form that makes her client feel good and in and of itself, not an unworldly kind.


5. An elite escort will never be indiscreet

Real high-class escort girls will never draw attention to themselves and their clients by dressing inappropriately or behaving inappropriately. She will always act discreetly and ensure that matters involving clients are kept confidential. Not only is she great at keeping secrets, she would never do anything you don’t want her to do.

One of the things clients value in a VIP escort is discretion. Many clients are high profile business people and even celebrities who refuse to reveal their personal lives. Elite escorts are absolute professionals who are able to serve and please high-profile VIP clientele.

Discretion makes a client feel comfortable, especially if he has a high-profile career or is a man of a totally private nature.

High class escorts who make their clients feel uncomfortable in public, drop names, draw too much attention and can’t keep what happens on a booking private are definitely not elite and will find their place with us no place in the HCE escort agency!


See part 2 of our blog next time, dear gentleman!