Escort model in Cologne at escort service Cologne

Escort model in Cologne at escort service Cologne

Escort service Cologne has typical “koelsch” escort models from cologne. Anecdotes presented around the cathedral city of Escort Cologne be honest: How often have you been in the home city of escort service Cologne? Put another way: What do you know about the people in Cologne. How they think, speak, feel? If you need to swallow loudly, do not worry, we will bring the people of the city on the Rhine and home of the escort service Cologne something closer. One of the key elements of the culture is the Cologne koelsch. And that’s not just for Carnival time like that. The koelsch dialect has some quirks in direct comparison to the High German. Although there are no set definitions for koelsch is the link of all the people in the city. Even the German magazine “stern” fell on early that koelsch is a beautiful language. And was the title the magazine 30 years ago: “High German is shabby. Koelsch is beautiful! “. In this statement is still something to it. But the Cologne dialect is considered the most charming in the whole of Germany. No wonder that the original home of the high-class escort service Cologne is located in the Rhine metropolis. You can find the dialect in all segments of daily life. The character of the Cologne based on this dialect quite elementary. Who is often in Cologne notes that it takes fast slang. Sometimes you caught yourself here with pronouncing a word with “sh” at the end of pronunciation. But anyone who thinks to understand very quickly how Kölsch work is often set a snare. Because a “Half Chicken” is not about half a chicken, but a bread with cheese. So that the escort models Cologne, however, have no problems at all.

Cologne and the escort models of Cologne

Communicative contemporaries, the Cologne and the escort models Cologne. Ok, Cologne is a huge metropolis. But still it is a small village somewhere. The Cologne people are a big family. They went together to the penne (school), met on the football field or in the Carnival Association and in the evening together drinking a glass of beer at the bar. With so many similarities may not be missing the escort models Cologne. Just as communicative as the common Cologne itself, those are also very pretty, attractive escort models of Cologne. And so it is one in Cologne also not hard to meet new people. So anyway, everybody knows everybody in Cologne. Whether in finding housing or finding partners – we help each other somehow to be happy.

Cologne’s famous people shown by escort service Cologne

Cologne’s famous people as shown by the escort service Cologne. The cathedral city brought in its entire existence, a number of celebrities spawned: Konrad Adenauer, Heinrich Böll, Hermann Goetting, Trude Herr, actor Willy, Willi Ostermann and Heinrich Welsch -To name just a few. Most popular, however, the actor Willy died some years ago. Millowitsch was the figurehead of the Cologne-heartedness and love of life. Just a figurehead is the high-class escort service Cologne in beauty and grace. The stage was the home of the Urkölner Millowitsch, who came from a family of actors. Even today, a dry eye when you see his hilarious stage plays or hears. At the age of 90 years died Millowitsch. 1999th At his funeral, thousands of people came. Its popularity continues unabated even after his death. A sculpture on iron market keeps him alive for posterity. Also HCE escort service Cologne speaks of the sympathetic honorary citizen of Cologne in the highest regard.