Escort service Dusseldorf at Grafenberg Racecourse in the hometown of Escort models Dusseldorf with the rich and famous. Whenever possible the upper class take the opportunity to flaunt their wealth. And what a brilliant fuller event could there be than a horse race. Since fetch potential customers of the escort service Dusseldorf their expensive luxury cars out of the garage. In fine thread, and with much drama, they also drive on the 7th October again prior to the racecourse Grafenberg, when the season finale of top gallopers pending. Also show for the escort models Dusseldorf of the escort service Dusseldorf to the perfect scenery around.

Escort models Dusseldorf of Escort service Dusseldorf

Escort models Dusseldorf of Escort service Dusseldorf

The “Grand Prize of the City” is on Sunday the 07th October, the season finale of Dusseldorf’s equestrian and racing association on the stage, or rather on the race track. With the absolutely reasonable amount of 55,000 euros this great prize is worth. True high class escort service Dusseldorf atmosphere is guaranteed. Quite befitting the Europe Group 3 race may also in the 92nd Output pull back top gallopers in the state capital of escort service Dusseldorf. Equestrian experts know: The race over a distance of 1,700 meters, is a real highlight. The winner of the sprint on the target bar gets from the Mayor of the city of Dusseldorf Escort handed the trophy. The trophy, which is more than a 3 feet high replica of the Düsseldorf Rhine Tower. Precious is based on the world. The first of the nine race starts at 1:30 PM. Who wants to know what riders are on the start line can be reassured. The racing starts on Thursday, Oktober 4th. The Models of the high class Escort service Dusseldorf sit in her spare time on horseback.

Escort models Dusseldorf at Grafenberg Racecourse

Historical roots of Escort models Dusseldorf and Grafenberg Racecourse since the end of World War one in 1918 the “Grand Prix Dusseldorf” will be held on the Grafenberg racecourse. And this race is a tradition with inventory. In today’s 94-year history, it has only been canceled three times in all. This, we find the Escort models Dusseldorf, are a praise worthy. But the race is not just for the champagne and caviar Group. Thus, according to organizer data waits a varied program waiting for all visitors. Whether young or old – the Escort models Dusseldorf this definitely speaks from his recommendation. As it is known by colorful family celebrations, there is a funny makeup team from discarded home mothers who entertained the children of the new rich and war lords and turned their faces in colorful masks. You and the Escort model Dusseldorf look at the whole rather from far. The obligatory high-and-down-bouncy castle should of course not be lacking. Still less but certainly not missing the company of the handsome Escort models Dusseldorf. A chain carousel and the stupid because absolutely ridiculous racecourse mascot “Galoppi” complete the offer.

Escort service Dusseldorf directions to Grafenberg Racecourse

Directions to Grafenberg Racecourse with Escort service Dusseldorf. The mob has the ability to travel by bus and train to the event. Who can afford to drive, of course, directly related to his body from the pomp Maserati, Aston Martin or Ferrari to the front doors – to befitting the deliver of the Escort model Dusseldorf. Enjoy a decadent afternoon along with the Escort Dusseldorf. Our booking team will be for further questions immediately available, even if you like a Duo-booking, (two attractive Models from Escort service Dusseldorf) ore more.. just give us a call!