Bars and Restaurants in Frankfurt. Okay, okay, if you think of Frankfurt and Hesse, you think of “Hand cheese”. But the Gastronomes in Frankfurt’s got more in store for your taste buds a treat. For you and your Escort service Frankfurt lady there are dishes from Ethiopia to Vietnam. Here we will always present the best selection. Added until we tell you here what many of the Hessian specialties waiting for you and then we send you and your high class Escort Lady Frankfurt Lady in the Green, the former Rosistenklause. An enclave in Frankfurt, where the best regional cuisine is served far and wide (apart from Alsace itself). Although the interior and the presentation cannot win a Red Dot Design Award, the rustic charm amidst a Hessian allotments settlement points really. The 120 years the house has already on the clock of Escort service Frankfurt, you can see the location does not. Old yes, but not come down. Nice place to make a few intimate hours with your HCE Escort service Frankfurt companion.

Escort service Frankfurt at Ivory Club

Compared to the previous rather introspective, rustic hint, here’s the absolute contrast. The Ivory Club is pure luxury and decadence. Located below the glass twin towers of the Deutsche Bank, already makes the impression of a bombastic entrance. Sure thing, that the HCE Escort service Frankfurt is calling for this location. The entrance is flanked by giant flame throwers and two intersecting “elephant tusks”. As suitable for such an institution, you are greeted by a doorman in person. It certainly also impresses your Escorts Frankfurt lady. Culinary awaits you as a guest a variety of dishes of the Indian subcontinent. Of course you get into this legendary club only with a recommendation – what does the HCE Escort service Frankfurt of course for you.
Rosisten a country inn
Ziegelhüttenweg 221
60599 Frankfurt
Phone: +49 69 63 19 87 00
Fax: +49 69 63 19 87 00
The Ivory Club
Taunusanlage 15
60325 Frankfurt
Phone: +49 (69) 77 06 77 67
High Class Escort service Frankfurt
Phone: +491765323 5643