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Dining with escorts Berlin

Berlin Alpenstueck
Gartentrasse 9
10115 Berlin
Phone: + 49 (30) 21 75 16 46
Lovers and patrons of the Alpine Republic find your second home in the minimalist held Alpine. Home-made Spätzle and Fund are prepared fresh every day here. You and your high class escort Berlin get over here, Lady delicacies from the Alpine carving up a decent steak served to the plum fire.
About 40 delicious liqueurs are available on the drink menu. To eat you and your support of the HCE Escort service Berlin in the stylish minimalist setting with lovely details and open structures. In the Alps, the mountain – and which gets located in the city of Berlin.

With escorts Berlin at Margaux

Unter den Linden 78
D-10117 Berlin
Phone: + 49 (30) 22 65 26 11
The Margaux is a real culinary sensation. Have you have ever melt “iced Air Berlin” sampled or is something like mineral water jelly on the tongue? No? Model means for you and your escort Berlin: discover completely new taste experiences of exceptional art. Old, almost forgotten recipes experience their Renaissance in the restaurant “Margaux” in Berlin-Mitte.
Owner and Cuisinier Michael Hoffmann conducted his multi-member kitchen team as a true virtuoso, because here are really only fresh ingredients on the table. Also the great wild herbs are great the the chef Hoffmann in addition to various Himalayan salts as a replacement for classical spices for its “cuisine Avantgarde” instructed. The “Margaux” is certainly one of the top 5 restaurants in the city. A forepeak fine and an elite gourmet Temple but is not it. Rather a location in which you simply very well can eat as a customer of HCE escorts Berlin together with your escort Lady. Enjoyment of par excellence!

Discover the Susuru with escorts Berlin

Rosa-Luxembourg-str. 17
10178 Berlin
Phone: + 49 (30) 211 11 82
In the Susuru, not only the eye eats with. No – do not believe it: even the ear! In Berlin’s trendy-Center, the first design restaurant has opened now in which the SIP quite explicitly is good form. This also applies to you and your Lady of HCE escort service Berlin. Because: The name “Susuru” is Japanese for sipping. The ingenious retro can convince you. The gigantic video screen is a highlight for lovers of Asian cinema. At the large, inviting tables, you and your escort service Berlin can sit well model. If you want a conversation comes up quickly with the neighbors. You and your escort service Berlin model healthy and eat quickly in between.

Escort service Berlin with romance

Il pane e le rose
Am Friedrichshain 6
10407 Berlin
Phone: + 49 (30) 423 19 16
For any purpose something. With its three large areas offers the “Il pane e le rose” options for every occasion. It is at once Italian restaurant, bar and Café. The varied card has certainly something for the escort service Berlin Lady: twice on the day changes the selection of Italian specialties. Something exaggerated with the food? A Grappa from the lush range makes it “pure table” in the stomach. As romantic version offers an after-dinner in neighbouring Volkspark Friedrichshain to. Your escorts Berlin lady will love this restaurant. During the summer, you can sit outdoors here often in addition to high-profile journalists and actors.
Discover the district of gourmets with High class escorts Berlin
Restaurant remake
Grosse Hamburger str. 32
10115 Berlin
Phone: + 49 (30) 20 05 41 02
The small, fine restaurant situated slightly away on a tiny side street in the districts of gourmets of Berlin.