Although the Escort Service Cologne winter still holds in chess spring: the pleasant temperatures don’t let you wait long till they’re coming. The harbingers of spring have appeared last week already. The thermometer rose to 18 degrees, the air smelled lightly aromatic and here since the first tender buds were on the trees. This development does not pass over at the ladies of the HCE Escorts Cologne. Especially the ladies took the opportunity to the wardrobe slowly but get rid of the thick, heavy winter clothes. And so the pretty be regarded miniskirt is getting further forward in the closet. Only a matter of weeks until the attractive ladies of the HCE Escort Service Cologne will show in summer clothes.

Boom in beer gardens, cafes and outdoor bistros´
Especially the restaurateurs looking forward to the beginning of spring. But rising temperatures mean more visitors, like the charming escort ladies of Cologne and more turnover. Accordingly run on high pressure preparations. In any beer garden, meanwhile, the necessary renovation measures for the coming spring beginning to be made. And what could be better than bright sunshine and mild temperatures and you are sitting with very pretty escorts Cologne ladies  in the beer garden?

Get Everything that has wheels to out of the basement andrund  up to the slopes
Blue skies, sunshine and mild temperatures are ideal conditions to take a lap with inline skates around the lake.
Of course, roller blades, roller skates, skate boards are allowed and Snake, the main thing it rolls. And who better to make the elegant liners a better figure than a dynamic lady from escorts Cologne? The exercise and fresh air do it any good. Are quickly forgotten the cold winter days and the cycle is gaining momentum. The body reacts immediately and produces endorphins (happy hormones) churning. Wow, that feels good! Even better is a Escorts Cologne Lady.

Finally, the perfect weather for “barbeque” with the HCE escorts Cologne is there.
Now that the temperatures are so wonderfully mild, it is time to finally take out the grill out of the last corner of the balcony or garden. Thoroughly clean inflame, barbeque time for! Of course, in company of a charming Escorts Cologne Lady. If the juicy T-bone steaks sizzles on the grill, the cold beer will be waiting, you may also like to have your hot escorts Cologne lady shake around a bit. Let the magic of spring come over you. The best time of the year is upon you.