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With Escorts Cologne to the south of Cologne

Those who swaggers a little attention through the south of Cologne recover fast: There is Italian spirit in the air. Located in the heart, located at Eifelplatz, is the top destination for “Mamma Cucina” – that’s the restaurant Casa Biase – No. 1 tip of the HCE Escorts Cologne. As one would expect from the Italians, the decor is minimalist and Mediterranean and flooded with light. Just as you and your Escort Model could wish for. The menu is varied and offers a wonderful month-cycle mix the different cuisines of the various Italian regions. As befits a recommendation of the Escort Cologne, there is naturally a high celebrity factor. Including TV advertising icon Verona Feldbusch Casa Biase declared the Italians to their home italian.
Casa di Biase
Eifelplatz 4
50677 Cologne
Phone: +49 221 32 24 33
Fax: +49 221 32 24 33
Capricorn i Aries
Old Strasse 31
50678 Cologne
Phone: +49 221 397 57 10
web: http://www.capricorniaries.com/