If the small or large hungry / thirst comes in Dusseldorf. To kick off your evening with one of our lovely Escorts Dusseldorf ladies, we recommend you try one of the many fine restaurants. Or treat yourself, but a good drink. There are many excellent bars in Dusseldorf. Can it be something like Chic? Then you’ve come to your high class Escorts Dusseldorf lady properly. Located on Dusseldorf’s stylish in-harbor area, the namesake of the restaurant, Holger Berens, its stylish, chic restaurant has opened. In direct proximity to the pulse of the film and media industry, we spot here often some scene celebrities. So an ideal setting for your Escorts Dusseldorf appendix.

Escorts Dusseldorf and the gourmet cuisine of Dusseldorf

The cuisine ranges from gourmet cuisine to international cuisine Francaise. For the high level of creativity in cooking, Berens won the renowned “Gault Millau” award. The HCE Escorts Dusseldorf recommends a book, of course, we do it for you! What could the HCE Escorts Dusseldorf be more exciting than a visit to a restaurant where arrive the creative think-tanks and beauties of the city of love for your partner to devote the time? Even the flagship – the media harbor – makes a good attendance. The popularity of Robert Hülsmann’s restaurant is simple: High quality work without having to put on. It also impresses your Escorts Dusseldorf Model. Innovative dishes such as “German Ratatouille”, “Roche salad” or simple “meatballs”, also like the Dusseldorfers very well. We are of the Escort Dusseldorf convinced that you will enjoy a visit to this restaurant. But be careful, dusky light and heat for dimly lit, make you “sink” fast there.
Berens am Kai
Kaistrasse 16
40221 Dusseldorf
Phone: +49 (211) 300 67 50
Fax: +49 (211) 30 06 75 15
web: http://www.berensamkai.de/
Roberts Bistro
Wupperstraße 2
40219 Düsseldorf
Phone: +49 (211) 30 48 21
High Class Escort Dusseldorf
Escorts Dusseldorf
Phone: +49 (0) 1765323 5643
web: www.high-class-escortes.com