Moin, Moin – A small splash of Hamburgian from Escorts Hamburg. We are not necessarily the Hamburg-friendly in person. To break the ice, it takes ever a time. But then, dear reader, we are the warmest, most reliable and loyal souls who wander in the northern hemisphere. What can we say about our Hamburg beings? Well, we like to maintain to say, “Who is out in the morning before nine o# clock on the street, cannot do anything, is nothing and will be nothing.” Anyone who has been in the port city knows that the Escorts Hamburg invites you to explore and discover. The most important parts of the city which I will put my heart: Reeperbahn Karolinenviertel, Schanzenviertel and Hamburg’s HafenCity. Watch it: Hamburg is huge. On a huge area, almost as large as the North Sea (was Fun) to distribute our districts. Who wants to go should bring enough time.