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An entertaining journey with the Escort Service Berlin

An absolute must in Berlin is of course the Berlin Wall, or the pitiful rests and as we all know, this is now really not much. The wall was raised in 1961 by the GDR in no time, and from there to split Germany into East and West. To to its demolition in 1989, all 28 years have passed. Today the concrete barrier is almost entirely disappeared from the Berlin cityscape. Escorts Berlin recommends visiting the Bernauer Strasse, because this is the longest intact fragment of the division symbol in West and East Berlin.
Other fragments of the wall lie on the Niederkirchnerstraße and Luis Street, since 1990 these items are under protection. Together with the Escort Service Berlin model, they should also admire the famous fragments of the wall. These are located in the district of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg and although huge in the East Side Gallery.dieses section applies with its 1.3 kilometers in length, the largest open air gallery in the world. It was in 1989 established after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Mediterranean in the heart of Berlin

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