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Escorts Stockholm says you have to confess. Of the Scandinavian capitals, you probably have only a very crude stereotype in your head: cold and uncomfortable. But that is not at all for the Swedish capital Stockholm. Because of the numerous waterways running through the city, Stockholm got the ornate nickname “Venice of the North”. In such an idyllic town, of course, should also not miss the VIP Escorts Stockholm. The beautiful old town in the middle is called Gamla Stan. Here draw hundreds of thousands of tourists. At the same time the town is also the bottleneck between the elitist and northern parts of the city and the stronghold of the bourgeoisie, Södermalm. Here, the scene gets around like the Escorts Stockholm.

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Colorful Northern Lights on the horizon that are characterized as sparkling beads of a necklace a beautiful painting in the flat landscape. So the Escorts Stockholm and Visitors like to describe the city if they approach it from a distance. To the south is as described earlier on the former working class area that is quite simply under Escorts Stockholm locals “Söder” pronounced. Many people make comparisons with southern European cities such as Madrid and the suburbs of Lisbon. But actually it does not matter. For the Scandinavian city with almost 750,000 inhabitants, there are beautiful places anywhere. A highlight is definitely when you sail into the sunset with your lady by a fishing boat through the channels between the 13 islands.

Twilight is one of the most beautiful times of the day in the Swedish capital. The deep blue of the night and the warm orange resplendent city give her a lot. The only problem is in the Scandinavian countries, unfortunately, that alcohol is prohibitively expensive. The solvent customer like you surely is not impressed by that – the Escorts Stockholm of course too – this is clear to us. It will certainly surprise you that there are few bars and clubs located somewhere without a restaurant and catering sector. You may be happy but the Escort service Stockholm in choosing the right location is ready to assist. You should also note that in Sweden the coffee is always served in cafés along the lines of “free refill”. Ask your Escorts Stockholm. When it comes to tipping in Sweden you do not worry. This is usually included. In some establishments, however, it is usually better for the clients, to pay about 10 percent.

What we as Germans Visitors probably really like is the fact that the Swedes have a strong sense of order. Here the common Swede bears politely and smartly: In the mail, on the bus, in the bank – just about anywhere. A list of these actions is waiting to Escorts Stockholm ready for you.

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