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Summer with escort service Berlin tastes really good, thanks to the delicious ice cream and the escort models Berlin. We could go back to waste countless lines about how hot it is at the moment, work that no one wants and that you can change almost three times a day your clothes. No, at this point of the blog of the escort service Berlin we will give you some cool outings. Who do you belong to the people who avoid beer gardens and other consumer temples like, then read on anyway. Why do you do instead of a pub tour not even an ice cream parlor-tour? There is not only chocolate, vanilla and strawberry taste. The hit of the season is “glace avec fleur de sel” a caramel ice cream with fine sea salt. Also the escort models Berlin tastes really good. Some flavors like chocolate and chili mango mint are even proven to boost the libido. The Capsalcin improves circulation especially in the lumbar region. That means for you: Enter the gas pedal with your loved ones from High Class escort service Berlin after your visit. Even better is to buy a handy cooler bag along with cooling elements and take the ice to the Spree. After feeding on the milky fruity treat you can directly come to the point with your escort model Berlin. But look first if the corresponding point on the shore is not visible from the outside. Or do you belong to the group itself, which is often observed. But you decide for yourself, then escort service Berlin will give a brief overview of Ice of a different kind.

Fir B
One of the most creative and experimental ice cream shops in and around the escort service berlin. According to the company some 80 varieties are always available. About twenty of which change daily their place behind the display case. Berlin tastes revolutionary pounce on variations such as “plug-poppy”, “chocolate popcorn” or “lychee and ginger.” Either way, for the most demanding escort service Berlin is it determined the correct customer.

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In Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg, this shop is one of the most important addresses. This includes the high-class escort models Berlin. The ice fans are proud of 60 different ice-five varieties in their metal containers on. A special showcase is definitely the associated waffle. The makers offer over 50 different varieties. Also to stay the place is particularly useful. Rustic furniture in Baroque Still simply invite you to chill out. Definitely a top slot for you and the HCE escort models Berlin.

The owner of this small shop keeps it with the ice cream parlor in terms of ice such as Karl Lagerfeld. Ice is like fashion, it takes every year a new taste. The classic “yogurt plum” also puts your escort service Berlin model in ecstasy. Aldemir It is a real ice-Democrat. The varieties that taste the best people get a permanent place in the ice cream display case. Equip the nice gentleman with your model of escort service Berlin a visit.