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Escort Service Cologne welcomes you in the Rhine metropolis

Escort Cologne with Emma Escort Model Cologne

High Class Escorts Cologne with Escort Service Model Cologne Emma

The city of Cologne and the Escorts Service Cologne have many facets. Especially famous is of course the Cologne Carnival. The saying Internet Phishing is of course known to everyone. Even far beyond Germany’s borders. But next to the Cologne Carnival, of course, much more to offer yet. The tourist attractions in the city are really hard to deal with. But that’s what makes Escorts Cologne, this leads them through the city and, of course, only to the most beautiful corners. The HCE City Guide of Cologne has compiled the best attractions, the most beautiful museums, the most comfortable luxury hotels and tastiest restaurants for them. Because especially in the city of Cologne is that of distress. Cologne is in fact so popular with tourists like never before, especially foreign guests visited the beautiful city of the escort agency based in Cologne. Last year, the city has set a record tourism. More than five million nights in hotel rooms, suites, villas and the High Class Escorts of Cologne were recorded. Thus, Cologne is one of the most popular destinations in Germany. This course is also related to the charming ladies, because these are among the most popular in Germany.

The tour of the city on the Rhine begins naturally with High Class Escorts Cologne

The first tip of High Class Escorts Cologne leads you and your companion to a very special place for gourmets. The Chocolate Museum is badly out as the tourist attraction. From the outside it resembles a large ship made of metal and glass. And inside it presents itself diverse and unique. Here you can learn all about chocolate she and your Escort Service Cologne lady. The history of the past comes out to the present. This includes information about the production and the different types of chocolate. The museum is also located not far from High Class Escorts Service Cologne. It is located in Rheinauhafen near the Cologne Cathedral. Enjoy your stay at the Chocolate Museum in pairs and munch them like crazy, because this is in fact strictly allowed.

A beautiful day ends with the recommendation of the HCE agency at a luxury hotel in Cologne

Now you have also earned some relaxation. And this you get the in the luxury Radisson Blu Hotel, not far from the museum. Here you can relax after a great day and dream with their escort lady from Cologne Spa area

The Escort service Cologne accompanies you on the Rhine

The metropolis on the Rhine have come to love more than one million inhabitants. Because just as many people live in the most populous city of North Rhine-Westphalia. But Cologne has much more to offer besides the Cologne Carnival, the cathedral and the Escort Service Cologne. Cologne is an important trading location and transportation hub in the Federal Republic of Germany. Many major economic and media companies have their headquarters here is Cologne Wirtschaftsmotropole, but at the same time also as a cultural metropolis, as tourists and visitors to the city, there is still much more to discover.
And so they do not lose track again we have put together a special City Guide for you. Here you will find everything from cultural tips, activities for sports enthusiasts, including luxury hotels Spa and restaurants. Now you lack only the right guidance and also this can give to you the Escort Service Cologne naturally. After all, everyone knows yes, that the best way to spend a beautiful da, is in charming company.

high class escorts Cologne has sought out a special tip for culture

Cologne know has a long artistic and cultural history. For this reason, the high-class escort Cologne has picked out for them a special museum, the German Sports and Olympic Museum in the old customs building at Rheinauhafen. Here you can combine the points Culture and Sport City guide directly when you visit. At over 2000 square feet, they will find everything from Roman gladiators to today’s racers. Incredible half thousand years of sports history there is here for them and marvel at their high class escort lady Cologne. In addition to the many exhibits, visitors can also enjoy themselves are active, several places in the museum offer visitors the opportunity for it.

Let yourself be pampered with the tip by HCE High Class Escorts Cologne

After so much culture and sport we stop for a recovery period. And where better to do this than in a luxury hotel like the Savoy. The luxury hotel Savoy offers you extensive wellness and spa arrangements which will you and your HCE Escort Service Cologne Lady surely not disappoint. Here you can indulge in massages, face and body specials, Beauty Basics and Rasul in their luxury hotel. But not only the wellness and spa area will enchant you. The high class escorts Cologne also recommends to visit the restaurant at the luxury hotel where you will be served with a selection of steaks and a glass of champagne.

A lovely day with Escorts Cologne

During a Trip to North Rhine-Westphalia, the city of Escorts Cologne is a must. Visit the city and you’ll see how diverse is the most populous city in NRW. You need for the perfect day, and of course the perfect accompaniment. And that can only offer them the escort Cologne. Our extravagant and stylish ladies will accompany you and show them the beautiful city on the Rhine.

The recommendations from Escort Service Cologne

With an area of ​​over 400 square meters of Cologne has a lot to offer, of course. The fourth largest city has many facets. Beautiful scenery, a lot of industry, the banks of the Rhine, a spectacular nightlife and much food. So they do not have to look far Escorts Cologne has brought together the best things for them. Some relaxation, some action and of course a bit of pampering now being offered along with her escort Cologne Lady.

Escorts Cologne times culturally

Let’s start a perfect day in the city with some culture. The Ludwig Museum in the heart of Cologne is a special tip of the Escorts Cologne. Here you can admire masterpieces of modernism. May change alongside many exhibitions throughout the year here we also examine several collections. Starting with expressionism, Picasso to Pop Art and Modern Art, there is the Museum Ludwig also music, film and theater. Escort Service Cologne recommends them the Phil Collins concert. This is an absolute highlight of this year at the Museum.

Escort Service Cologne also offers Action

For sports fans, the Golf Club Ford Cologne is a must. With an 18-hole course thrilled to be the exclusive club’s players. Here you can score with the safety of her escorts Cologne Lady. Here they are called correctly, because by side bunkers, several trees, a huge pond and several other obstacles the game is not exactly child’s play. But do not be hard, because the day is not even over. Escort Cologne that is still an exclusive evening visit for you and your tracking challenge. Because after so much action you need of course a little rest.

Enjog Delicious food with Escorts Cologne

Let unequip the perfect day with a visit to the authentic Italian Trattoria Palermo. Here you can enjoy the elegant ambience specialties from Italy. With much love is here by the owner Salvatore still cooked itself. We promise that your escorts Cologne Lady will like it.

Escorts Cologne enjoys the coming of spring

Although the Escort Service Cologne winter still holds in chess spring: the pleasant temperatures don’t let you wait long till they’re coming. The harbingers of spring have appeared last week already. The thermometer rose to 18 degrees, the air smelled lightly aromatic and here since the first tender buds were on the trees. This development does not pass over at the ladies of the HCE Escorts Cologne. Especially the ladies took the opportunity to the wardrobe slowly but get rid of the thick, heavy winter clothes. And so the pretty be regarded miniskirt is getting further forward in the closet. Only a matter of weeks until the attractive ladies of the HCE Escort Service Cologne will show in summer clothes.

Boom in beer gardens, cafes and outdoor bistros´
Especially the restaurateurs looking forward to the beginning of spring. But rising temperatures mean more visitors, like the charming escort ladies of Cologne and more turnover. Accordingly run on high pressure preparations. In any beer garden, meanwhile, the necessary renovation measures for the coming spring beginning to be made. And what could be better than bright sunshine and mild temperatures and you are sitting with very pretty escorts Cologne ladies  in the beer garden?

Get Everything that has wheels to out of the basement andrund  up to the slopes
Blue skies, sunshine and mild temperatures are ideal conditions to take a lap with inline skates around the lake.
Of course, roller blades, roller skates, skate boards are allowed and Snake, the main thing it rolls. And who better to make the elegant liners a better figure than a dynamic lady from escorts Cologne? The exercise and fresh air do it any good. Are quickly forgotten the cold winter days and the cycle is gaining momentum. The body reacts immediately and produces endorphins (happy hormones) churning. Wow, that feels good! Even better is a Escorts Cologne Lady.

Finally, the perfect weather for “barbeque” with the HCE escorts Cologne is there.
Now that the temperatures are so wonderfully mild, it is time to finally take out the grill out of the last corner of the balcony or garden. Thoroughly clean inflame, barbeque time for! Of course, in company of a charming Escorts Cologne Lady. If the juicy T-bone steaks sizzles on the grill, the cold beer will be waiting, you may also like to have your hot escorts Cologne lady shake around a bit. Let the magic of spring come over you. The best time of the year is upon you.

Cologne and the Rhine metropolis – Escort Service Cologne

Anyone planning a short trip usually has the following interests: shopping sightseeing and strolling, parties or just relax. And of course, the environment should also pounce what, ultimately one wants to experience something. The Escort Service Cologne just mentioned this experience in its purest form offers, make sure not only the world-famous Cologne Cathedral and the beautiful riverside location, but also a further highlight, which makes the whole thing just exciting: Our attractive ladies of the High Class Escorts Cologne. Charming, sophisticated and specialized mainly accompaniment makes a trip only really worth experiencing. The women are always at her side, no matter what your plans are. And yet you choose exactly how, where and when. However, we want them now give some impetus to the impressions that you may experience as our customer exclusive up close …
Located in close proximity to the central station, we start our tour carefully Escort Service  Cologne on known landmarks of the city, the imposing cathedral, a culmination of Gothic architecture. And yes, the cathedral is one of the standard program of any visit to the Rhine metropolis and is really not a secret, but he is actually so great that you should have seen him at least briefly. Just a few minutes walk from the Cathedral, we are now entering one of the major shopping streets in Germany. Every known chain has a branch there and it is the selection of smaller shops and boutiques to mention. Take this opportunity and make her the Lady High Classs  Escorts  Cologne but a little treat, for example, with an accessory or a pair of shoes?
It continues in the old town, which is also among the most beautiful in all of Germany. Stroll with your Escort Service Cologne Lady in style through the winding medieval streets and be impressed by the venerable hall with its beautiful Renaissance loggia. This way, is also unique because it is the oldest city hall in Germany. If that was not reason enough to marvel is, please have a look at the archaeological site of the Praetorium, the ancient Roman city of the seat holder. This hints at the long history of the beautiful city on the River Rhine. Then you can recover from the wonderful sightseeing in one of the many cafes in the old town and watch the hustle and bustle around relaxed. This can be done unobtrusively, is not easy, because along with its highly attractive company from High Class  Escorts  Cologne  you will certainly attract many glances. If you have refueled enough power and want to deepen the theme of history, but you can equip the Roman-Germanic Museum a visit, it is worth it in any case. Even our educated, culturally minded Cologne Escort ladies are so inspiring course also. By afternoon, it lends itself perfectly to then after all the excitement of a walk along the Rhine, and perhaps even to attempt a tour to experience a beautiful view from the water!
Start the evening by then and dive into the lively nightlife. The experienced, knowledgeable local escort of Escort Service  Cologne can tell them exactly which location will suit your taste here. Whether quietly in the multiplex cinema or in a trendy club, or rather elegant in a chic bar. The choice is up to them at …

Escort Service Cologne and the fall festival

Presented the golden autumn in the city of Cologne on the Rhine from Escort Service Cologne
There is also the  agency in Cologne on the heart: When the leaves shimmer in tawny hues, the fall shows at its best. Fluttering leaves, a gentle breeze, as the passage in the park with your loved one makes the Escort Service Cologne  several times as much fun. Along with the dog on the great meadows and enjoy the last rays of the sun of the year. Autumn will not approve the golden season for nothing. Even in the home of  Cologne can endure the season. Exceptionally tasty at this time: pumpkin soup in all its manifestations. Pumpkin soup with potatoes, fat, carrots – the innovation knows no bounds. We of the Escort Service Cologne  editorial you have picked out the perfect and best Gorumettempels for this season. But before we set before the little restaurant guide, we draw your attention to yet another highlight in the fall:

Fall festival on the Rhine – presented by Escort Service Cologne

The Deutz bank of the Rhine is also this year again the scene for 10 menses fun, action, entertainment and colorful carnival revelry. Since the Cologne and the Cologne  agency are real fun gun, you can not take this pleasure. Of 26 October to 4 November hope the organizers up to 600,000 tourists. A real carnival flat. There must not exclude the ladies from the Escort Service Cologne  Between the Deutz bridge and the bridge Severins precess the rides such as carousels, roller coasters and bumper cars. Enterprises this year’s highlights include: the highest Kettenflieger Europe, a giant swing in XXL, the Love Express, the  agency Cologne, a Giant Wheel, a water slide, various children’s rides and a large haunted house. For the romantics among the visitors to the creators have something very special. On Friday, 2 November, the coaches of the Ferris wheel is specially decorated for the Escort Cologne guests. Final highlight is the huge fireworks show on Saturday, 27 October by 21 clock. If weather permits, go here right off the post.

Craftsmanship with nature: ART.FAIR and the Escort Service Cologne.

In the global art scene, this business event has reserved over the years a regular place. To all four days of the exhibition shows in all states in the house on the Rhine Park Cologne  in the works dedicated young artists. Nevertheless, the exhibition celebrates its tenth birthday. The exciting, interdisciplinary program involves a number of mergers of performance, multimedia and music. ART.FAIR held from 1 November to 4 November in the confidentiality of the ESCORT service COLOGNE  Perfectly complement come here fine arts with design, game, architecture, fashion, film, music, animation and advertising collectively. The fair is open from Thursday to Saturday each 12 to 20 clock and Sunday 11 to 19 clock. The previous opening of an art exhibition is on Wednesday 31 October on the stage. We wish you as Cologne customers with style and character an enjoyable visit to the event.

Escort service Cologne models and wellness

Escort service Cologne with escort models Cologne

Escort service Cologne with Escort models Cologne

Escort service Cologne and wellness with Escort models Cologne. The days get shorter, the sky is wearing gray instead of blue and it’s cold. Yes, autumn is also in front of the Escort service Cologne door. At least since the last weekend in September, the biggest summer optimists have taken their jackets from the basement. Now is the time where everyone, even the escort service Cologne stays in the four walls. Long DVD evenings with hot tea, biscuits and a partner at the side.. There are many possibilities. The most attractive option surely provides the Escort service Cologne. Of course, our charming Escort Models Cologne are just a partner to time, but those few hours and days will be memorable – guaranteed. Our models of Escort service Cologne come all over with intellect, charm and wit. Incidentally, they also look for a real treat. But how do I use the time with these charming Escort models Cologne? This question may be asked of some readers. We leave it up to you, this has it all – we promise.

Escort service Cologne models and wellness at Claudius Therme Cologne

Wellness with Escort service Cologne Models in the Claudius Therme Cologne. If it’s so humid and cold outside, there’s no better place for you and your Escort model Cologne as a sauna and pool area. The Claudius Therme is located in green park Rhine in Cologne. From here you can enjoy some wonderful views of the Cologne Cathedral. Connoisseurs claim that the Claudius Therme is one of the most beautiful spas in Europe. That’s what whe can confirm from the Escort service Cologne course. In addition to the spa and sauna area, there is also a beauty area where you can enjoy various treatments and massages. Just buy for your attractive Escort model Cologne beauty a grape seed oil massage. She will say “thank you” with a nice hand massage. Get away from the fast city life for a few hours of enjoyment. Read the rest of this entry »

Escort service Cologne typical koelsch escort models cologne

Escort model in Cologne at escort service Cologne

Escort model in Cologne at escort service Cologne

Escort service Cologne has typical “koelsch” escort models from cologne. Anecdotes presented around the cathedral city of Escort Cologne be honest: How often have you been in the home city of escort service Cologne? Put another way: What do you know about the people in Cologne. How they think, speak, feel? If you need to swallow loudly, do not worry, we will bring the people of the city on the Rhine and home of the escort service Cologne something closer. One of the key elements of the culture is the Cologne koelsch. And that’s not just for Carnival time like that. The koelsch dialect has some quirks in direct comparison to the High German. Although there are no set definitions for koelsch is the link of all the people in the city. Even the German magazine “stern” fell on early that koelsch is a beautiful language. And was the title the magazine 30 years ago: “High German is shabby. Koelsch is beautiful! “. In this statement is still something to it. But the Cologne dialect is considered the most charming in the whole of Germany. No wonder that the original home of the high-class escort service Cologne is located in the Rhine metropolis. You can find the dialect in all segments of daily life. The character of the Cologne based on this dialect quite elementary. Who is often in Cologne notes that it takes fast slang. Sometimes you caught yourself here with pronouncing a word with “sh” at the end of pronunciation. But anyone who thinks to understand very quickly how Kölsch work is often set a snare. Because a “Half Chicken” is not about half a chicken, but a bread with cheese. So that the escort models Cologne, however, have no problems at all.

Cologne and the escort models of Cologne

Communicative contemporaries, the Cologne and the escort models Cologne. Ok, Cologne is a huge metropolis. But still it is a small village somewhere. The Cologne people are a big family. They went together to the penne (school), met on the football field or in the Carnival Association and in the evening Read the rest of this entry »

Escort service Cologne ladies

Escort service Cologne ladies provide entertainment and support at the highest level. If the people of Cologne love one, then the new and undiscovered. Born in a city where many hypes and trends are manifested by so many quickly the sentiment: “Do I know already – boring.” There goes the HCE Escort service Cologne always with the times and presents to you here a very different nightlife tip. Maybe you have ever heard of “Cirque Bouffon”? Under this name hides an ensemble of tricky artists, clowns and sympathetic genius musicians. Also, the Escort service Cologne was able to inspire the troops already in the last year. On the beautiful Rheinauhafen the circus hits this year with its program “Solvo” his tents. Under the discerning audience, you may rightly expect the high-class Escort service Cologne ladies. Join the 15th To 16 September fat in your calendar. And do not forget to book early your attractive Escort from the HCE Escort service Cologne! Be inspired by dance, comedy, theater and inspire an incredible amount of beauty.

Escort service Cologne nightlife

Experience the stunning nightlife of Cologne with Escort service Cologne. In such a vibrant city like Cologne’s nightlife there is also a potpourri of a variety of ways. From jazz to pop, house and electro, soul and quite dull black to hit. Here you will find everything. Of course, we, you and your VIP Escort service Cologne will inspire the more exclusive venues.
Cologne’s club and nightlife scene is for the old waiting room, like the mint for mojito. It is not easy to imagine. Technically, this music is groovy and soulful and sounds extremely popular. The party line is definitely fixed for the event is one establishment, the “Blue Monday” is. Ask your Escort service Cologne company, you will probably recognize there was a guest. Declared dead live longer – and that goes for Read the rest of this entry »

Escort service Cologne about Cologne people and other folks

What says Escort service Cologne about the city of Cologne ? The residents are very proud of their city, especially on the possible risk of most beautiful cathedral in the Gothic style in Germany. They also insist again on the high quality of life with its entire night clubs, which range from decadent enough to easy-going. And of course the countless pubs. Asked about Cologne, probably almost everyone thinks of Kölsch and carnival. By no means is this not the point. For the very palatable and mild ale which is firmly rooted to the cathedral city. Also the fact that it looks like drinking containers, test tubes, can not dampen the team spirit of its inhabitants.
Whether pubs, restaurants, breweries and clubs – there may be missing anywhere.
Read the rest of this entry »